Miguel McKelvey is the other half of We Work, the hip co-working space based in New York that currently rents space in more than 30 cities all around the world. He shares with us five of his favourite things.

Matcha Whisk

I’m absolutely addicted to matcha lattes. I have at least two a day. I love the routine of making them and the satisfying calm of whisking the matcha powder and filtered water together.



I can’t live without this Sonos speaker. I have several in my apartment and the second I’m home the music is on. Loud.



This is Moby’s autobiography. I enjoy books that give insight into the various cultures and lifestyles of people living in New York.


The Oculus
I’m loving the new transit hub in New York City by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava. I still can’t get my head around its scale and intimacy—it’s a massive space yet feels so comforting to be in.


Mexico City

I love how walkable the central neighbourhoods of this city are. The last time I was there I found the tastiest almond croissant at a tiny bakery called Fournier Rousseau.


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