Sabrina enters the verde suite on the 18th floor with flair. Sporting a very simple jeans and T-shirt combination, she still creates an impression with her positive attitude and style. She also brings along her favourite painted Kelly handbag with her sunglasses inside: one of her few must-carry items. On her other hand is a paper bag filled with stilettos, which we asked her to bring for the shoot. The team greets her happily, ready to dress her up for this special day. Her straight hair and youthful skin were easy to touch up, making getting ready a speedy process before Hakim, the photographer, captures the best angles for our special anniversary issue this month.

Not only fashionable and fun, Sabrina also has a good heart. While getting ready, we find out that Sabrina was one of the founders of the Catholic Fellowship Jakarta, an English-language Sunday service programme for young people. She tells us how she came up with the idea. “It was my idea, together with Nic, my friend from high school. Since we got back from overseas we found it hard to connect to God and be religious in Bahasa Indonesia,” she says. “We were so used to English masses and sermons and it’s much easier for us to really understand the Catholic Mass when it’s in English. So we created a small community for ourselves, which now has become a very big group with some 300 volunteers and 800 members,” she says.

“We want to contribute something to society, and with this church community we get to involve ourselves with other community-service projects by undertaking activities such as cleaning up Jakarta as well as social work for seniors, feeding the homeless, and education programmes for underprivileged children.” Positive and passionate: the very essence of our cover and our November issue. sHoT exclusively for indonesia tatler photography by Hakim Satrio on the cover Wardobe: Fendi makeup and hair by Francis Rey Paña and Kiefer Lippens styling by Zico Halim location Verde Suite 1811