Marriage was a faraway thought as Ibrahim and Indrirezeki I. Gunaevy first met when both were at the top of their career paths— but not for long. Although the two are starkly different, they soon found out that Indrirezeki’s perfectionist trait and Ibrahim’s laid-back approach complement each other well.

“We keep it real, basically,” Ibrahim said. “To understand and accept your significant other is important.” Indrirezeki added that their similar family values and role models are also important.

“His parents have been happily married for 47 years, and mine for 25 years before mum passed away,” she said. “They taught us to always be rooted and to remember the roles of a husband and a wife.”

Furthermore, the sweet couple always gather in prayer no matter what the day brings that, today—they have been able to weather Indrirezeki’s recovery after two strokes during their 10 years of marriage.

“Life is hard, but we are stronger together,” Ibrahim said. “She is half of me, and I am half of her.”

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