To celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Linda Gumelar and Wanda Ponika share with us the campaign being held and the efforts being made to avoid or detect the early stages of breast cancer in women around Indonesia.

"As a former breast cancer patient and now a survivor, our attitude towards life is a priority," says Linda Gumelar. "I am blessed with an encouraging set of family and friends who supported me during each of the treatments I undertook."

"I knew I had it and I knew I had to go through it, so I decided to make peace with it. Even today, I do go through aches and pains here and there, especially when I tire myself out, but I’ve learned that the best thing to do is to be friends with your sickness. This way, it’ll never affect your attitude towards life."

The current awareness campaign—a joint collaboration between the Indonesian Breast Cancer Foundation, Wanda House of Jewels, Plaza Indonesia and Indonesia Tatler—has been made possible through the cohesive efforts of the partners and 18 "muses" who support the cause. These 18 supporters were selected because of their interest in supporting breast cancer awareness and the widely different professions from which they come.

Read more the story from Linda Gumelar and Wanda Ponika in Indonesia Tatler October 2016 edition.

(Fine Jewellery: Wanda House of Jewels Dress, Clothes: Ikat Indonesia by Didiet Maulana, Make up: Bubah Alfian for Cle de Peau, Photo: Irfan WahyudI (Lentera Fotografie), Stylist: Lilian Ng)

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