What’s Agnes Monica doing at Istana Negara?

Last week, the brilliant singer Agnes Monica visited President Jokowi at Istana Negara, where the two got to talking about the young generation of today and tips on making your dreams come true. Agnes mentioned that she has always wanted to speak with the president about these topics. Agnes further added that when it comes to the entertainment world, there are far more talents better than she is— hence, she still wants to learn from them.

Rumour: true

Afgansyah Reza and Rossa’s romantic getaway

With all the recent rumours of Afgan’s and Rossa’s close relationship, apparently there’s more! Recently, both talented singers were seen on a trip to Tokyo. They were both seen getting cosy in the Instagram selfies both of them shared. Could this be the start of something new or are they just the best of friends?

Rumour: unsure

Agus Yudhoyono’s little secret

During Agus Yudhoyono’s early days, his beloved wife Annisa Pohan revealed that he used to enjoy reading women’s magazines. Agus acknowledged the fact by saying that ever since high school he stayed in dorms, so when there was every chance to read a magazine, he took it, including women’s magazines.

Rumour: true

What’s that ring on Syahrini’s finger?

We’re back with the latest update on Reino Barack and Syahrini. The Internet went haywire when Syahrini posted a picture of her in Chamonix, France, where the singer was seen enjoying a beautiful snowy day. However, what really caught our attention is the shiny, glamorous ring around her finger. Could it be from Reino Barack? Oh, the possibilities. 

Rumour: unsure

Did Richard Kyle receives blessings from the in-laws?

Lovely couple Richard Kyle and Jessica Iskandar took the big step when Jessica introduced her better half to her family. Richard definitely got all the blessings he deserved from Jessica’s family. Meanwhile, Erick Iskandar, brother to Jessica, also praised Richard as a good man. Talk about leaving a remarkable impression with the in-laws.

Rumour: true

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