Hotman Paris’s London shopping spree

Not only is he really good at taking up cases, but lawyer Hotman Paris is also really good at shopping. Paris and his family were recently spotted in London for his son, Fritz Hutapea’s, graduation. While he was there, the lawyer also went all-out shopping for ties and luxurious cars in London. Hotman Paris even took up the chance to share his shopping spree on Instagram and, as suspected, his fans loved it.

Rumour: true

Ashanty’s surprise birthday gift

Ashanty recently turned 34 and received the sweetest surprise from Krisdayanti’s children, Aurel Hermansyah and Azriel Hermansyah. Rumour has it that Ashanty, the lucky girl, received luxurious and expensive gifts. Turning 34 doesn’t sound so bad if you’re turning it like this!

Rumour: true

Daniel Mananta’s didn’t want to be left out of Maia’s and Irwan’s adorable relationship

Over the past few weeks, it’s easy to say that we all have been keeping track of Maia Estianty’s and Irwan Mussry’s adorable relationship. From their wedding to the birthday party, everything about this couple just seems right. But apparently others also want to express their love for the couple. Daniel Mananta didn’t want to feel left out and wanted to portray his love to Irwan, too. The VJ took over Instagram and wished Irwan Mussry a very happy birthday and called him “uncle”.

Rumour: true

Sandra Dewi’s husband high standards

Sandra Dewi and Harvey Moeis have been together for the past two years, yet rumour has it that not many know titbits about the couple. Sandra Dewi has never gotten her husband a gift due to his high standards. Harvey Moeis wouldn’t just wear anything: he’s a perfectionist, which makes it very hard for her to choose a gift for him. Seems Sandra Dewi needs personal shopper, stat!

Rumour: true

Did Anggun Cipta Sasmi write about communism?

Recently, rumour has had it that our favourite chanteuse Anggun Cipta shared her views on communism by writing a long opinion column on it. The singer wrote about Indonesia’s history with communism, wanting to “set the record straight” of the still-taboo topic in the country. The column received a lot of responses from netizens after Anggun shared it on her Instagram page.

Rumour: true

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