Dita Soedarjo can’t move on from Denny Sumargo?

A few months ago, Dita Soedarjo and Denny Sumargo went their separate ways after their engagement. However, rumour has it that Dita still loves him after all this time. She mentioned that she has moved on, but she isn’t ready to find someone new as yet. Currently, Dita is working on herself and trying to be the best version of herself she can be. Kudos, Dita!

Rumour: true

How much did Bunga Citra Lestari spend on a purse?

We all know Bunga Citra Lestari as the spectacular singer she is. However, other than being good at singing, BCL is also really good at shopping. Recently, the 35-year-old was seen carrying a stunning purse from Hermès, which is heard to be worth more than Rp1 billion. We wonder what else she has in her bag collection.

Rumour: unsure

Reza Rahadian’s secretive role at Erwin Gutawa’s concert

We know that Reza Rahadian is starring at Erwin Gutawa’s Salute Concert. However, in what role? When asked, Reza said the role he will be playing at the concert is still a secret and is yet to be revealed. The Indonesian actor said he was very interested in the concept of the concert, and hence got involved.

Rumour: unsure

Iqbaal Ramadhan's Future Plans

After his huge success from Dilan 1990, Indonesian actor Iqbaal Ramadhan has became a nationwide phenomenon. While he is currently busy promoting the sequel film, Dilan 1991, the young actor actually has potential plans of pursuing his education in Australia! The 19-year-old who has recently gained immense success from his hard work is rumoured by InsertLive to be moving to Australia for further university.

Rumour: unsure

Are MTV Indonesia’s VJs getting back together?

For the first time after 20 long years, the VJs of MTV Indonesia are having a reunion. So where will this reunion take place? We can spot Nirina Zubir, Cathy Sharon, Alex Abbad and Daniel Mananta at Shanty Paredes’ show entitled “Heels Forty”!

Rumour: true

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