Ardie Bakrie says there's a third person in his marriage

When adorable power couple Ardie Bakrie and Nia Ramadhani went on their Euro trip, Nia Ramadhani’s friend, Theresa Wienathan joined them. In the midst of enjoying their trip, Ardie Bakrie happened to state that Theresa Wienathan is a third person in his marriage, which led Nia Ramadhani to saying “What?”. Of course, Ardie was joking around and Theresa then cleared the air and stated that she wasn’t the third person and the three had a laugh out of it.  But it sure made the headlines in the local news. 

Rumour: false

Anjasmara plans to report his wife’s Internet bullies

Recently, there have been public attacks by internet Internet bullies and this time it’s after Anjasmara’s better half, Dian Nitami. One certain netizen happened to mentioned disheartening words that suggested rhinoplasty. This made Anjasmara angry, and he said he plans to report the bullies to the police. Rumour has it, that one of them apologised already.

Rumour: unsure

Paula Verhoeven reveals Baim Wong’s worst trait

The #BaPau couple Baim Wong and Paula Verhoeven are all things adorable. However no one is perfect: recently Paula revealed what Baim’s worst trait is. She claims that he’s always been ignorant. An example Paula gave is when she’s out working the whole day, Baim does not even asked her about her whereabouts at all. Baim proceeded to say sorry and that he will change. Ahh, the newlyweds turbulence..

Rumour: true

Is Ussy Sulistiawaty expecting another baby?

With the new year just started, Ussy Sulistiawaty and Andhika Pratama, along with their adorable children, are seen enjoying it life to the max. The couple already have four adorable angels and are rumoured to have a fifth one on the way. The news started to spread around when Andhika posted a picture of a pregnancy test alongside Ussy’s handbag on his Instagram page. Could this be true?

Rumour: unsure

Maia Estianty wants Al Ghazali to tie the knot soon

Another month, another mother wants her son to get married! Al Ghazali and his gorgeous girlfriend, Alyssa Daguise are definitely one of our favourite young couples. With their love being portrayed featured on social media quite frequently, we can’t help but keep up with their relationship every step of the way. And apparently so it’s the same for Al Ghazali’s mother, Maia Estianty, who is rumoured to also worship the loveable couple and wants them to make it official soon. Al said it’s still too early, though.

Rumour: true


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