Let’s just say that a lot’s been happening in Indonesia this week with our celebrities and socialites. However, this week we are doing things a little bit different. Read the Rumour Mill below, but find out if they are true or false tonight via our Instagram Stories! While you’re at it, don’t forget to place your votes!

Agnes Monica’s new love

Rumour has it that singer Agnes Monica has a new love: music producer Jeffrey Kopchia. Jeff and Agnez are often seen in pictures together looking like an adorable couple. From California to Bali, these two globetrotters have been spending loads of time together on adventures. Stay tuned to find out if this rumour is true or not tonight on our Instagram Stories.

Maia Estianty is married

So another astonishing rumour going this week is that singer Maia Estianty is married. The rumours started when Maia posted a quote on her Instagram feed talking about how a husband always listens to his wife, since most of them listened in the first place. Her post got our Tatler friends talking, and it is said that the lucky guy she’s talking about is none other than timepiece mogul Irwan Mussry. So, what’s your guess on this one? Right or wrong?

Aburizal Bakrie’s sweet gesture for Nia Ramadhani

Nia Ramadhani’s little girl Mikhayla was admitted to the hospital recently, and she’s been receiving a lot of gifts and presents from her nearest and dearest. But rumour has it that not only Mikhayla but also Nia Ramadhani have received splendid gifts from none other than loving father-in-law Aburizal Bakrie, which led the two of them sharing a big hug. Do you think what happened is true?

Sabrina Joseph Tan’s newborn

Everyone’s been waiting for the arrival of Sabrina’s little baby, which arrived just over a week ago. With charming looks thanks to Sabrina and husband David, the adorable baby is adorable, and we’re sure that he or she will grow up to be highly successful. So what’s your guess: do you think it’s a little prince or a little princess? Check out the answer on our Instagram Stories tonight.

Rio Dewanto and Atiqah Hasiholan haven’t visited Ratna Sarumpaet

With the recent news of Ratna Sarumpaet being held by the police department, rumour has it that her son-in-law and daughter, Rio Dewanto and his wife Atiqah Hasiholan, haven’t yet paid a visit to her yet. The two weren’t seen anywhere near poor Ratna after the case started, nor have they been sharing it on social media. But is it true or false?

Don’t forget to vote on these rumours on our Instagram Stories and stay tuned for the answers tonight.

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