When you’re a celebrity or society figure, there’s always something said or written about you. Whether its a real rumour or a fake story, there’s always information out there in print, on TV or in cyberspace. A wedding, a new partner, a new car... Rumours can be defined as good or bad: it’s up to you to decide. Here are five things we’ve heard this week in this brand-new edition of Indonesia Tatler’s Rumour Mill. But which are true and which are false?

Tasya Kamila and Randi Bachtiar are married

If you’ve been insta-stalking this Indonesian singer and actress, you’re probably drooling over her pictures as much as we are. Blue skies, clear water, and white sand, this couple look like they’re in paradise.

Rumour: True!

Kelly Tandiono doesn’t want kids for sporting reasons

Indonesian supermodel Kelly Tandiono tied the knot just recently. Rumour has it that this fit lady isn’t ready to be a mum just yet due to her love of sports and her hobbies—namely running, cycling, and swimming, aka a triathlon. Kelly Tandiono said: “Oh no, I can’t be pregnant yet. I still can’t, I’m not ready. It will be hard, as I can’t take part in any triathlons.”

Rumour: True!

Patty Kaunang has a twin sister

Art enthusiast Patty Kaunang is all things bright and beautiful. This Indonesian socialite has lots of friends and acquaintances, but have you heard about her having a twin sister? Absolutely not.

Rumour: False!

Shalvynne Chang and Richard Muljadi are getting married

From being globetrotters to owning a pet (or two) together, this power couple is said to be tying the knot very soon. They’ve travelled to several places together and have been seen at social events together quite often, so what do you think?

Rumour: True!

Nia Ramadhani Bakrie has three kids

A gorgeous face, a lovely family, and a fashion brand, Nia Ramadhani Bakrie seems to have it all. However, how many kids does she has? Mikhayla, Nia’s little model, Mainaka, and Magika are Nia’s three little angels and this family seems closer than ever.

Rumour: True!

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