Our weekly rumour mill is back and juicier than ever! Indonesia Tatler has compiled the most questionable things that may or may not have happened throughout the week and we’re here to give you the answers. As we’ve mentioned before, being a celebrity or a social figure, now is the time for you to decide whether what goes on around about you is good or bad. So, without further ado, is this week’s rumour mill.

Mario Lawalata to play in a web series

Rumour has it that Mario Lawalata was attracted with a part in Melly Goeslaw’s new web series. He believed that this story would be a very cool way to portray horror, which comes thanks to several songs, as well. So guess who you will be seeing on your laptop screen soon!

Rumour: True!

Randi Bachtiar encourages Tasya Kamila to chase her dreams

In some cases, the start of a marriage means the end of your career, but in some cases, it means chasing your dreams even further. Luckily, the case for Indonesian actress Tasya Kamila was the second one. With her extravagant career in the entertainment world, this is not something you would want to give up too easily. Lucky for her, unending support comes from her husband, Randi himself.

Rumour: True!

Rossa opens a partnership business

Indonesian singer Rossa is not just about singing, but about business, too. Initially, she launched a clothing line, and being a cake artist, she is now proceeding to expand into a beauty line. The main aim is for Rossa to motivate Indonesians to engage in jobs within the community. Talk about social service! She aims to get people, primarily housewives and girls, to get involved and use digital media and social media as a platform to sell and promote. This programme involves travelling and is a sole proprietorship.

Rumour: False!

Melly Goeslaw pursues a career with her writing hobby

Indonesian singer-songwriter Melly Goeslaw decided to go further to make a career out of her hobby for writing by producing a web series. Usually Melly limits herself to writing stories and drafting scripts on her laptop, but then she decided to make a career out of it with the time and opportunity that she has.

Rumour: True!

Syahrini indulges in a lot of roadside food

Indonesian diva Syahrini is known to be all about glitz and glam. But guess what? There are times where she doesn’t mind indulging in Indonesia’s local delicacies and treats herself to street food. What makes it even better is that she takes pride in this! Her favourite is bubur ayam.

Rumour: True!

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