Adinda, who lived in the USA from when she was 14-years-old, believes in the modern way of parenting. She trusts that the basis of every good relationship is open communication. In her point of view, good communication and openness are two of the most important things to create a strong bond whether it is between husband and wife, mother-daughter or within the family, “It is important not to take each other for granted. Sometimes listening to each other is what fixes conflicts in a family, especially mother-daughter conflicts,” says Adinda. “Nowadays, I’m quite busy raising my two kids. I don’t want to commit myself professionally when I know I’ll spend most of my time taking care of my babies. The most important thing for my daughter to know is that she can tell me anything. I think communication between parents and their children is a necessity in building a family. Even though she’s only four-years-old, I’ve already started teaching her about respect and honesty. We have so much fun pretending like we’re Elsa and Anna from the movie ‘Frozen,’ but at the same time she often compares me to her strict ballet teacher. 

Basically, I look up to Julie Andrews playing Maria in ‘Sound of Music,’ and as Mary Poppins in interacting with the kids,” shares Adinda with a smile. Cheerfully teasing and playing around with Kierra during the photo shoot, the mother and daughter seem to be very close with one another, and it is obvious they have a strong connection. They even share the same excellent taste in style, especially in fashion. Every mother has her own idea of what kind of parent she wants to be. For Adinda, the three things that she always reminds herself as a mother include: never compare your kids to other kids; choose what you believe is best for your child and stand by your choice, never feel guilty for whatever choice you have made; and the most important thing is to pray and to count each blessing in life, “I can be a strict parent and a lenient mom depending on the situation. 

One thing for sure is that we have to be firm as parents. I don’t like to confuse my children, and make them wonder about what does mommy or daddy mean. The last thing we want is for our kids to be tense. They need to focus on exploring what this world has to offer. I would say that the reward and punishment system is still the best way for us. Instead of grumbling for something you don’t want them to do, it is best to just lay out your rules from the start. Remember that parents are the boss until the kids become adults. For example, I would always tell my kids that when they have done one page of homework then they can get their 10 minutes of TV time,” shares the fabulous young mother who has a dream to be a true philanthropist, a writer and run a retail business.


Both book lovers, Adinda and Kierra often spend their time at home reading together, “I read to her all the time. I get to act as the big bad wolf, as the little mermaid andas Aladdin’s genie. Reading books can take us to other places, wherever we want to go,” elaborates Adinda, “However, when we can, we love to travel to new places. Right now, Kierra is really into Broadway shows. So I’m looking forward to our New York trip together in the coming months. Basically, I try to introduce her to what this wonderful world has to offer based on my own experiences. She will experience new and wonderful things. Things that I haven’t experienced before. Parents always want more than what they had for their children. We long for that day when they teach and amuse us with their own amazing stories,” she adds.                                                                   

Blessed with a great attitude, great sense of style and great character, Kierra has indeed inherited good traits from both of her parents, “Just like the mother, she’s very sensitive with people’s feelings. Hence, when I’m feeling down, she gives me her tender loving care instead of her father,” Adinda says with a laugh, “And the feeling is great, to be cared for by my four-year-old daughter. However, her obedience in following the rules is something that I find very remarkable, and I’m still learning to master that,” Adinda concludes.