How would you describe your style? 

Casual, slightly masculine, focused, sophisticated.

How do you / are you required to dress every day?

Formal enough. Fortunately, I can still be playful given the industry that I'm in, and depending on whom I am due to meet, I will dress accordingly. It’s quite fun having the chance to dress up differently every day. 

Do you have a favourite tried-and-tested style/outfit that always makes you feel fantastic?

High-waisted bottoms. They accentuate height, which I lack. Getting rid of all small bags and only buying clutches is another trick, even treating Chanel’s and Hermès Constance’s as clutches gives me a more casual feel, but at the same time makes me feel like I’m sporting high fashion. 

Who are your style icons?

Victoria Beckham and Angelina Jolie.

Who are your current preferred designers? 

The Row, Victoria Beckham, Alexander McQueen and Rag & Bone. 

Where do you like to shop and what are your favourite style destinations?

Mixed-brand boutiques are my favourites, or where the clothes are curated. Specific department stores would have to be New York’s Bergdorfs and London’s Selfridges and Harrods. In Tokyo and Milan, I often find certain petite cuts, sizes or even fits that I rarely find in other places and that I don’t need to alter.

Do you adapt the way you dress to be appropriate for different occasions and can you give us a couple of examples?

Of course. I’m going to give you a couple of examples of my failed moments of not adapting: it's probably more interesting to read. One example was when I went straight from a Sotheby's brunch to a food bazaar held in a parking lot. Another time, I left a wedding, gowned up, to go to a party not knowing it was a hip-hop concert by De La Soul where everyone was in snapbacks and Jordan's.  

What does “style” mean to you?

Style to me is individual and unique to each person. It is rare for a person’s style to be completely identical to another, unless that person is not true to oneself. Similar yes, identical, absolutely not. 

Do you ever mix haute couture with high street? If so, can you please give readers an example?

All the time. You can’t carry out daily activities only wearing haute couture. Actually, wearing all haute couture sometimes makes me look older than my age, so mixing in street wear with haute couture gives me a little more edge. 

How do you feel about being included in Asia’s Most Stylish list?

Honoured: it was so unexpected! I didn't think I was that stylish at all [laughs]. I buy what I like, whatever the current trends are, and wear only what makes me feel comfortable, what allows me to carry out my daily activities, and what allows others to still focus on me as a person rather than what I'm wearing.

How important is fashion to you? 

It’s extremely important. It’s a way to self-express. You can see a person from their choice in fashion—so stay true to what your style is. You don't want anyone thinking you're someone you’re not.