A lifelong marriage sounds blissful, but it takes commitment and compromise to make it come true. Having spent 25 years as husband and wife, Denny and Helen Haryono witnessed how their relationship flourished from a passionate relationship into a lasting companionship. After only six months of dating, the current Founder of Universal Express and his counterpart decided to tie the knot in 1993. Now, the lovely couple are the proud parents of four and have recently celebrated their anniversary.

“Marriage isn’t easy—it’s teamwork,” said Helen. “We try to make a habit out of praising each other instead of instigating arguments.” Though she currently manages Madeline Beauty Center, Helen used to help her husband out with his business, an ability Denny is grateful for in his wife. With the growth of both their businesses, Denny and Helen now dedicate their free time to travel together or maintain family traditions, such as weekly church visits.

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