“I have always loved mathematics, ever since I was a child,” recounts Otis Hahijary, Vice President Director of ANTV TV station. “There is something about interpreting numbers and statistics that I adore.”

 Otis’s fervour for numbers has not only put his career on an incline, but ANTV on the ascent. “The biggest milestone for ANTV this year is, for the first time in 25 years of being on air, being the number-one television station in Indonesia,” he says.

 Numbers enable ANTV to predict which shows will be a hit: “Of course, gut feeling is also important,” he says, adding that focus, discipline, and hard work are equally essential. And when it is time to think beyond numbers, Otis says that his mind runs to art, with Affandi, Srihadi Soedarsono, Bernard Buffet, and Pierre Soulages being some of the painters whose art he collects.

 “I have always loved Reubens, also. His magnificent works bring me to a place that no one else can,” he says.

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