The exuberant Sherly Kurniawan Worth boasts the poise and figure that women half her age would envy. Sherly’s allure and sophistication is, however, a far cry from her rebellious childhood days, as she recalls being an adventurous tomboy who enjoyed climbing trees. An only child until her early teens, Sherly shared an exceptional bond with her parents. The ambitious young lady had set her heart on becoming a lawyer before moving to Canada to pursue her further studies and eventually earning adegree in Business Administration from York University.

“As long as you have ideas, resources,and the luxury of time, don’t be afraid to take risks—we’ll never know what life has to offer next, so enjoy the ride!” says the slender socialite. The CEO and Founder of Codeltra Asia retraces her 25-year-long career journey, spanning across Canada, Singapore, and Indonesia. 

A professional banker for many years, she ran an art gallery inthe early 2000s, started a kindergarten, and even ventured into politics. “I enjoy educating people and sharing my knowledge, a desire which eventually led me to establish Codeltra Asia in 2013. When I was involved in politics, I encountered highly educated people who, despite their high educational qualifications, lacked soft skills such as manners, etiquette, and fashion sense. I wasn’t surprised how little has been devoted topersonality development in this countrysince these were never taught as subjects in formal education,” Sherly explains. The most prevalent of realities are often unseen by the eye andshe cites appearance as one of them.


Codeltra Asia, a professional image consulting company, is accredited and certified by the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI). The company is the first of its kind in Indonesia to render coaching and training to individuals as well as corporations in areas of image management andpersonal and professional branding.

Image management largely deals with an individual’s physical attributes by assessing their skin tone and personality, providing them with a personalised colour chart and appropriate grooming advice. Meanwhile, personal and professional branding equips clients with the necessary communication, negotiation, and networking skills. Codeltra Asia has recently spread its wings into the areas of marketing and communications.

“It is crucial to find your own season and colour,” she says. “Once you decipher these, you will be able to recognise other people’s colours and understand them better—this leads toa more satisfying and fulfilling relationship with yourself and with those around you. The right colour complements one’s personality and nature. It grants an individual the opportunity to shine and be comfortable with their own skin. The inability to express one’s self,on the other hand, restricts potential and hinders development. I believe that first impressions, making the right wardrobe choices, and networking skills are an investment for the future. This is especially important for entry-level professionals with limited budget,” Sherly says.

She further asserts that when it comes to building one’s image and long-term goals, personal branding is just as important as product branding. “I feel blessed to have witnessed the transformation of my clients post-training. Many have considered this as a life-changing experience, allowing them to be more confident while presenting themselves, making decisions, and taking the next steps towards a better future. However, we do not change people. We simply try our utmost to help them discover the best version of themselves in order to reach their highest potential,” she adds.

Hailing from a close-knit family means thatfamily takes precedence over everything else for Sherly. “Women may have the advantage of being multitaskers, but family will always be my priority. While some struggle to juggle multiple roles, I consider myself lucky that Codeltra is only active at certain times of the year. This year, my family and I plan to travel more,” she says. Sherly dubsher husband David as her soulmate and greatest support system.

She also considers her three children as her greatest accomplishments in life, and currently embraces her new role as grandmother to 6-month-old Scarlett with a specialzeal. A certified Reiki practitioner, Sherly subscribes to a holistic lifestyle and a pescatarian diet. ‘’I have enjoyed my wine and dine throughout the years, but I recently stopped eating meat. Every Friday I take fish as it offers collagen for my skin!’’says the svelte beauty.

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