Born in Makassar with heady mix of Javanese, Chinese and Portuguese blood, the royally titled Kanjeng Mas Ayu Deby Vinski Putri Dewi Kusumaningtyas, or Deby Vinski as she prefers to be known, had her sights set on being a doctor from an early age. Her academic approach proved that she took her ambition seriously: she graduated from Sam Ratulangi and Atma Jaya Jakarta University as one of the most outstanding students. 

But it was the death of her grandmother from a stroke, as well as her father also suffering a stroke, that really helped Deby find her true calling. She realised that anti-aging medicine was the area where she would find the most fulfillment. 


"It was a turning point for me," she says. "After my grandmother passed away and my father had his first stroke, I wanted to dedicated my knowledge to save my father. So I researched and studied anti-aging and preventive medicine, as well as stem cell therapy and hormone therapy, to find a way to cure him." 

Deby later went on to take a Master's degree in Preventative Medicine and Anti-aging at Dresden International University in Germany. This was not only so she could address the symptoms and short-term treatment of aging and related issues, but the causes too, she tells us. 

"I was sad and very frustrated because I was a medical student and couldn't do anything to help when my grandmother died and my father was sick," she says. "We had all the best specialists available at that time, but they couldn't help much. So after my father had the stroke, I went to Paris to study anti-aging medicine and learn about stem cell and hormone theraphy to help in the battle agianst degenerative diseases."

Focusing more on health and wellbeing, Deby's anti-aging programme goes beyond the aesthetic benefits that other treatments provide. Instead, it focuses more on preventative measures realised through hormone therapy and stem cell therapy, which create balanced health and beauty both inside and out. 

Now Deby is launching a new anti-aging centre in Jakarta, called Vinski Tower, located on Jl. Pondok Pinang Raya. This 10-storey development, which will have its soft openeing in November, will house specialist clinics for anti-aging treatments, a stem cell research centre, as well as provide treatments for stroke patients, those with diabetes mellitus type 1 and 2, cardiovascular disease, and other degenerative diseases. It will also offer lifestyle services such as plastic surgery and a slimming centre. 

"When I was a student, I wanted to be a doctor and also businesswoman: I wanted to help people and at the same time have my own business" 

"When I was a student, I wanted to be a doctor and a businesswoman: I wanted to help people and at the same time have my own business," Deby says. "I felt that by having a business I could provide job opportunities for a lot of people.

"But right after my father's stroke, I changed my point of view and wanted to dedicate all of my time to study and find a cure to save him," says Deby. "So I delegated my business to my brother and his great management team, and now work at my own practice from Tuesdays to Fridays. 

"I know now that prevention is always better than cure. That's the reason why I am currently also treating my mother with stem cell therapy and hormone therapy: to keep her healthy from the inside out," she adds. 

And what is her measure of success? Seeing a happy and healthy patient, she tells us. "I also believe that success is to be able to stand up after falling, and to keep on going to pursue your dreams, even if you fall over and over again. You must have the courage and strenght to stand up and start again. That is success." 

Dubbed as the queen of anti-aging, Deby has acquired honours and accolades worldwide. These include the Kartini Award from Ibu Ani Yudhoyono in Medical Science and Anti-aging, the International Gold Star for Quality Award in Geneva, the Platinum Award in Paris, and the Socrates Award from the Socrates Committee in Oxford. 

In 2013, she also received the ultimate honour of being elected as the president of the World Council for Preventive, Regenerative and Anti-aging Medicine, which is headquartered in Paris. 

"It was a challange to educate people about the importance of prevention rather than cure, but with the consensus and involvement of other countries, anti-aging is now more recognised and acknowledged in Indonesia as a treatment for health and wellbeing, not merely for aesthetics," says Deby, who is also chairman of the board of advisors of Forum Silaturahmi Keraton Nusantara, which has 155 countries and territories on its roster including Brunei Darusalam, Sweden, the UK and many others. 

On a broader note, Deby adds: "I believe that as a woman, being beautiful is not merely to appear pretty, but to be beautiful through proper behaviour as well as adopting a healthy diet and developing a proper exercise regime." 

And certainly one to take her own medicine, this youthful woman maintains a very active lifestyle in between helping and healing. When she's not working, Deby is a keen scuba diver and met her husband, Ivek Vinski, on a dive trip. She also likes to shoot and can often be found on a shooting range. 

Deby is also a dedicated mum, spending weekends with her husband and 22-years-old daughter Natasha, mostly walking their dogs. Happiness and family life are central to her personal philosophy. 

"I give first priority to my family. If I can create a happy smile and a healthy family, nothing else matters," Deby says. "My principle in life is that you do not need to create happiness and you do not need to chase it: you only need to grab it. Happiness is free and it has been given by God." 

And where to next for this bright young thing with her passion for healing? She's now looking towards Europe -- London and Paris, in particular -- to open another anti-aging towers around the globe, and also to pursue a doctorate and professor degree. We wish her the best of success.