The 500 List

Amir Sidharta

In the Indonesian world of arts, Amir Sidharta is a prominent figure. The son of Myra Sidharta, a Chinese literature expert, Amir Sidharta is a museum curator. At present, he manages Sidharta Auctioneer and is the curator of Pelita Harapan University Museum.  Exhibitions he has managed, among others, are “Clash of Thoughts on the Landscape of Indonesian Architecture” at Eramus Huis and “Mooi Indie Hingga Persagi” at the Jakarta Museum of Fine Arts in 1997. He has also published several books on Indonesian fine artists, such as S. Sudjojono Visible Soul, Vibrant Arie Smit, and a book on Indonesian contemporary architecture, 25 Tropical Houses in Indonesia. He studied architecture at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, in the US, and also studied museum at George Washington University, Washington DC, also in the US.

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