Arief Yahya

Ir. Arief Yahya Msc. is the current presidential administration’s Minister of Tourism. Born in the Banyuwangi region of East Java, he was previously the CEO of PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia. Arief Yahya was born on March 2, 1961, and was highly successful in improving the profits of PT Telkom. He has also taken home various awards and recognitions, including being shortlisted in the “25 Business Future Leaders”. He was also awarded the Economic Challenge Award 2012 in the Telecommunications Industry category. One of his latest achievements was being acknowledged as CEO BUMN Inovatif Terbaik 2012, or the Best Innovative SOE CEO of 2012. Arief Yahya is an alumnus of Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) majoring in electrical engineering. He also studied at the University of Surrey in the UK majoring in software and telecommunications.