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Jimmy Choo Misty 120 Black Suede Platform Sandals

Acclaimed for its wide variety of luxury products, world-renowned accessory brand Jimmy Choo crafts tasteful handbags, scarves, sunglasses, belts and other retail goods. The brand’s central focus and success, however, revolves around its Women’s shoe collection. Among the myriad of refreshing colours and textures,  Jimmy Choo launches a variety of  reimagined styles and models of footwear every year. This year’s Misty 120 Black Suede Platform Sandals is certainly one of the brand’s most bold pieces. Crafted in Italy, its classic suede design boasts a tall heel and slim ankle straps to shine a spotlight on those dazzling legs. Its stunning individual details combine to form a finish that exudes tasteful sophistication with a daring touch. If you’re looking for a statement shoe for this season, this misty model will definitely do your closet good.

Price: € 595

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