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The Lady Dior Toile de Jouy

Rustic yet modern, the Dior Cruise 2019 collection blends traditional elements with dashes of galloping freedom along the way. For example, dresses made of cotton lace adorned the models combined with tiny wooden beads that paid homage to the Escaramuza riders who are known to only wear garments of cotton or linen, exuding ethereal and elegant looks.

Not only that, Dior’s Cruise 2019 collection also interprets freedom in its airy yet extravagant skirts worn with high belts over fitted jackets. This collection also introduces a series of wild animal prints, such as the tigers or serpents found in the classic French Toile de Jouy that comes as a trench coat,
shorts, and a leather jacket, among others. Meanwhile, the accessories also play a significant part, like the Lady Dior revamped handbag with blue Toile de Jouy motif with tiger print.

Famed for horses and lace, Chantilly was a fresh choice to host the Dior Cruise 2019 show. With elements of the collection woven into the set itself, the venue boasted intricate fabrics and details invitees could treat themselves to. Not stopping there, Chiuri also brought eight female Mexican rodeo riders who galloped in front of an A-list audience clad from head to toe in glamorous Dior while performing their manoeuvres for the opening show. 

Price: $5,600.00

Only available in boutiques

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