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Waxing Lyrical <strong>The Cire Trudon Gabriel scented candle</strong><p>The Cire Trudon Gabriel scented candle weaves notes of leather, cashmere wood and candied chestnuts into your home for all the warm fuzziness of Christmas without the family arguments and burgeoning waistline</p><div></div><div></div> <strong>Le Labo candles</strong><p>With their customised labels, Le Labo candles are the perfect gift. But this holiday season, you may want to keep Pin 12 for yourself. Aromatic pinewood and a touch of amber are such a lovely combination that you'll truly want every day to be Christmas.</p><div>$70</div><div></div> <strong>Jo Malone London: The Pine & Eucalyptus candle</strong><p>You can always rely on Jo Malone London to master a mood with scent. The Pine &amp; Eucalyptus candle has the quintessential Christmas morning luxuriously wrapped up.&nbsp;<span>Bright and bracing, this is the quintessential Christmas candle. Perfect to decorate your home. And an always-adored gift. Bursting with festive excitement. Candle burn time is 45 hours</span></p><div>$65.00</div><div></div>

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Waxing Lyrical

At this time of year, you get a seasonal pass to splurge on the most coveted scented candles. Infuse your home with these wafts of festive fun

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