The hustle and bustle of Jakarta can be a bit too much without a break once in a while. So why not take advantage of the nature that is not too far from your doorstep and check out one of these 10 locations that will scratch that nature itch while also offering some stunning picture opportunities.

 Ciater natural hot springhot springs - TripCanvas Indonesia.jpg

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Nestled among tea fields, beneath a volcano, is Ciater hot springs. Beautiful natural surroundings are accompanied by good staff and clean accommodation, which altogether is great for couples looking for a place to relax, or families wanting to show the children the local wildlife.

Gunung Pancar

Located in the ever-growing area of Sentul is Gunung Pancar. Cool weather and local forests can be enjoyed by everyone, and once you’re finished you can enjoy some amazing food in Giuliani’s or head to Jungle Land for some fun with the family. 

 Green Canyon Pangandaran

Pangandaran is well known for its beach life and nature park, but the real gem is a bit further away. A short car journey or bike ride will take you to the Green Canyon. Not only can you jump into the cool river water, but you can also drift down it with nothing but a life jacket. An amazing way to experience the local nature.

The slogan of the island is “life is simple and good here” and it surely is. This leaves you to do nothing but enjoy the beach, ocean waves and take the perfect pictures for your social media. Being only a few short hours away from the big city is all the more reason to enjoy an eco-friendly stay right next to the calm blue sea.

Tanjung Lesungtanjung_lesung - indonesian tourism.jpg

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Only a few hours’ car ride away from bustling Jakarta and a short 30 minutes from Carita, Tanjung Lesung has some of the most picturesque beaches in Java. As well as beautiful coastal scenery, you enjoy local collections of poetry and art, which the area celebrates.

SawarnaSawarna -wisata pantai.jpg

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Lush green paddy fields, serene village ambience, and refreshing breezes is how you’ll be welcomed when you enter Sawarna. Located in the area of Banten, just next door to Jakarta, it is a great place to escape the hustle, bustle and heat of the big city.

Mount Ceremai National ParkCiremai national park-indonesian tourism.JPG

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Spread along the base of the Mount Ceremai or Cereme is a national park that will give you many opportunities to enjoy local nature. If waterfalls, a cool natural breezes and Javanese forests aren’t enough for you, then you can take the view atop the mountain. 

Water Villas at Pulau Ayer ResortWater Villas at Pulau Ayer Resort - Pinterest.jpg

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If want to enjoy nature but also the creature comforts of the big city, then try the Water Villas at Pulau. Offering all the amenities of a full resort, you can also enjoy the cool weather, a spa and the local nature in the area. Perfect for recharging the batteries.

Kawah PutihKawah-Putih - AnekaTempat.jpg

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As well as stunning beaches with sand of many hues, Java is also known for its volcanos. One of these ancient natural wonders is a crater that is now filled with a beautiful lake named Kawah Putih. After enjoying the local sites and taking pictures, which everyone will envy you for, head into the cooler city of Bandung for shopping and relaxation.

 Ujung Kulon National Parkujung kulon - indonesian tourism.jpg

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Not only can you enjoy the local scenery, but also the wildlife as you head into Ujung Kulon National Park. Once finished, you can visit one of the many local beaches for a swim and then head back to one of the prestigious hotels or spas in the area.

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