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We live in a world where many of us travel to another city or even country for work. And as we increase our travel miles, we might begin to look for more than simple comforts. As a result, we set our sights on more luxurious means of getting from A to B. So here are five luxurious means of travel that will make your next journey a delight.

The Tourism Train, PT Kereta Api Wisata

When asked about their least-liked or used form of transport, many would say a train. Although there are services across the country, they can be packed and unpleasant. However, starting at about Rp17.5 million you can use the new luxury trains from PT Kereta Api Wisata, subsidiary of PT Kereta Api Indonesia. The trains come with leather seats, mini-bars, toilets, meeting rooms, and audio and video sets. They can be boarded at Gambir station and other locations when booked for a private trip.

Helicopter, PT Whitesky Aviation

With fees starting at around Rp32 million, you can hire your own helicopter from PT Whitesky Aviation. You can be picked up straight from the airport and taken to any number of locations. Honestly, is there any better way to beat the ever-increasing traffic in Jakarta? The average journey can only take 10 minutes to most locations in and around the capital, so you’ll never be late for a meeting again. Probably.

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Photo Courtesy of @WhiteHorseGroupID 

If you’ve been to any car shows or festivals in recent times you may have noticed the White Horse Group. It offers the WEHA: a premium bus service that comes with so many luxuries that you’ll feel like you’re sitting at home as you travel. The bus comes with 15 leather seats, a meeting room with a capacity of eight, a mini pantry, a toilet, a kitchen set, WiFi and a karaoke system. All this can be rented for fees starting at Rp8 million.

Private Jet, Four Seasons

We’ve mentioned before the new attraction of hiring a private jet rather than buying one. A standout example of this is the Four Seasons Private Jet, which offers trips that focus on themed vacations and excursions. An example is “Culinary Discoveries”, which took place this year. Guest enjoyed state-of-the-art amenities, such as Bose noise-cancelling headphones and 64GB iPad Airs, which guests could take home as souvenirs. This particular trip went to South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, India, Italy, Portugal, Denmark and finished in Paris. So, this coming year check out the next adventure.

A Yacht, Rascal


Being a collection of islands means Indonesia is home to some beautifully scenic ocean views, which can now be traversed in style and luxury. Lovers of the ocean can board the recently launched Rascal phinisi yacht. The luxury vessel features five Hampton-style double cabins with a bathroom, terraces and decks as well as lounge areas. It is also equipped with two speedboat tenders, stand-up paddle boards, two sea kayaks, as well as fishing and snorkelling equipment. Rates start at US$8,500 with a minimum trip of five days.

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