Every year, people find new ways to spend their hard-earned money on ways to relax, with one of the easiest being a nice, long vacation. And with high demand come new and interesting travel trends, which will help you when you are looking for ideas for enjoying your next travel experience. To make the search easier, here are five luxury travel trends that are being enjoyed in 2017 and beyond.

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Cruises have, for a long time, been associated with the stereotypical image of older couples having a quiet walk along the deck or watching a famous musical impersonator. Yet many are trying to change this image with cruise experiences aimed at the younger traveller. Festival cruises and extreme-sport-based trips are just some of the new ideas on offer. Also, since last June, you can enjoy racing electric cars at speeds of up to almost 50kph on Norwegian Bliss cruise ships.

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We have previously mentioned the wide selection of private jets available with their wide selection of prices. However, for those who do not wish to buy one, there is the new Uber-inspired trend of private jet rental. Companies like Surf Air and the aviation arm of Crystal Cruises are offering a wide range of exclusive jet packages, which offer everything from the jet itself to your own private on-board sommelier.

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Taking the whole family on holiday can be hard and expensive, so why not leave the parents at home? That’s the idea of the “skip-gen” trips that focus on grandparents and grandchildren going on holiday together. So even if the parents can’t take the time off during the busy holiday season, the kids can enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime trips with grandma and grandpa on amazingly organised holidays like an adventure in Alaska or taking a Lindblad Expedition to the Galapagos Islands.

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As you travel around the world, bumping into a few millennials is unavoidable as they enjoy short travel-work holidays between academic years. However, more and more professionals in their 20s and even up to their 40s are trying out the working-from-home idea with a twist. Sites like WeWork offer co-working spaces that are in some fun locations and which don’t go too far off your timezone in order to maintain those conference calls. Perfect for freelancers and consultants, this is great way to take a break while still working.

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Some would say that every couple looks forward to the honeymoon more than the wedding itself, but some are looking towards the breakup. Many travel agents are seeing a growing trend in people turning to individual vacations, with wellness trips being a particularly popular choice. After all, what better reason to get restorative treatments both inside and out then after you’ve had a break-up?

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