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It’s already a week since 2019 began and do you miss the holidays already? If yes, then there is good news for you as there are plenty of public holidays throughout the year. If you’re planning to make a trip around Indonesia ,but you feel lost about how to spend your vacation during the public holidays, fret not! We have compiled a list of events on public holidays to be put on your travel bucket list. So make sure to mark your calendars!

Chinese New Year, February 5 in Singkawang

First holiday after the New Year is the beloved Chinese New Year, also known as Imlek. Each city has its own style for celebrating Imlek and in Singkawang, West Kalimantan, you will celebrate in a most marvellous way. Fireworks, red and gold decorations in all areas, traditional Chinese treats, and giants lanterns featuring 12 zodiac signscan be seen in the heart of Singkawang city. And make sure to drop by at some of the temples, too, because they will offer fortune- telling. Want to try?

Nyepi Day, March 5 on Bali

Nyepi is one of the most important days celebrated by Hindus. For those who want to have some quality me time, or just want to feel some peace, Bali is the perfect holiday destination during Nyepi Day because, quite literally,  you will see nothing, just hear peace and quiet for one full day. Also, don’t forget you can witness the gorgeous praying rituals the locals will perform during the auspicious day.

Easter week, April in Larantuka


Larantuka, located in East Flores, has a unique ceremony celebrating Easter, called Semana Santa. The tradition starts on Ash Wednesday and lasts until Easter Day. But the main event is on Good Friday, when thousands of people will light a candle and gather around the town. Meanwhile, what makes this tradition even more unique is that tourists will see a huge Mother Maria statue being paraded across the city to celebrate Easter Day. How great is that?

Vesak Day, May 19 at Borobudur temple

Who can resist the beauty of Borobudur temple? The ancient Buddhist shrine is the perfect place to spent Vesak Day on May 19, because there are various events occurring. You will see thousands of Buddhists congregate to take part in rituals and ceremonies. One of the most breathtaking moments is when thousands of lanterns are released by the monks after they end their prayers. Make sure you have your camera and don’t forget to capture it!

Indonesian Independence Day, August 17 across Indonesia

August 17 is the day when all Indonesians celebrate the independence of their beloved country. Each of the regions has its own way to celebrate, but one thing’s for sure: traditional games like panjat pinang, balap karung, and tarik tambang are a must for locals to participate in and mark the important occasion.

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