Christmas is a time for family, hot chocolate, cold weather, and gifts. It is the perfect opportunity to rest beside a fireplace and catch up with relatives you haven’t seen for long or to snuggle up with your kids with an animated movie. Although there’s no one stopping you getting a little adventurous when celebrating festive jolly season, and what better way to do that than to visit some of the best mountains all over Asia? Whether you’re a mere sightseer or a pro-level skier, we’ve listed some of the best mountains to visit this holiday season.

Nagano Prefecture, Japan

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Photo: Courtesy of Japan Guide

The northern alps of Nagano Prefecture in Japan house one of the most popular skiing destination in Japan: Hakuba, which also shelters some of the most extraordinarily large ski resorts you can find. Another thing special about the Nagano Prefecture is the well-known Yamanouchi, where you can spot wild monkeys bathing in hot springs.

Daegwallyeong, South Korea


Photo: Courtesy of Alpensia

Daegwallyeong is a mountain pass located in the Taebak mountains of eastern South Korea. In winter, the side of this majestic mountain pass is often visited as skiing and snowboarding heaven. To get the most of your experience, Alpensia Ski Resort offers six glorious slopes perfect for skiers and snowboarders, and the Sky Hill Lounge for a luxurious comfort at the top of the resort.

Taichung, Taiwan


Photo: Courtesy of Taichung Tourism

Perhaps it comes as a surprise that a warm country like Taiwan would house a winter wonderland. The Snow Mountain in Taiwan has long been famous as being the second-tallest mountain in Asia, thus making it the perfect destination for hiking. If you do decide to hike this beautiful mountain, get to the top right at sunrise and you’ll be welcomed with a vast sea of beautiful sky.

Mt Pulag, Philippines

Mt Pulag.jpg

Photo: Courtesy of Phillipines Department of Tourism

Although not exactly snow-covered, Mt Pulag is one of the best destinations for hikers or mere fans of cold, refreshing air. It also contains a national park that is inhabited by different tribes such as the Ibalois, Kalangunya, and Karao.

Bromo, Indonesia


Photo: Courtesy of Plataran

Mt Bromo is an active volcano and part of the Tengger massif in East Java. While it may not be the highest peak of the massif, it is the most well-known spot and is the definitive go-to in the holiday season for both tourists and locals alike. Sitting on the highlands of it is the extraordinary resort, Plataran Bromo, where you can enjoy a rural view without leaving the comfort of luxury.


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