A luxury yacht should be every jetsetter’s dreams, on which they can enjoy complete exclusivity and 'me time' on their very own floating hotel. Not only do luxury yachts exude grandeur and utter comfort, they also offer a whole lifestyle on many different levels, as we find out below.


 The Streets of Monaco is a project by Yacht Island Design that will be introduced to the market in 2017. With its 153 metres’length, the yacht is, rightly we think, claimed to be “city on the sea”. For this project, the designers are recreating the lovely city of Monaco in a smaller-scale replica, of course. It is stated that this yacht will be made up of swimming pools, lounges, and Monaco’s famous landmarks, such as the Monte Carlo Casino, Hotel de Paris and a fully functional go-kart circuit inspired by the Monte Carlo Grand Prix track! We can’twait to try our hand on this $1 billion ship.




The yacht Dubai is owned by the Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktoum. The yacht was purchased by the Sheikh in 2011 for a whopping US$400 million and was renamedas simply Dubai. With a length of 162 metres, this is the world’s second-largest private yacht and is able to carry115 guests. Design wise, the yacht is made of a steel hull and aluminium super structure and blends bold colours with fine fabrics and detailed handmade mosaics. 


Chelsea football club owner Roman Abramovich is the proud owner of the Eclipse. The yacht has a length of 164 metres with four diesel engines andhe purchased it in 2010 for US$340 million. The yacht features two giant swimming pools, two helicopter pads, and even a disco hall! Not only that, the Eclipse also has a cinema,a mini-submarine, and a sauna. Last year the yacht was sent to Germany for a renovation. Wonder what more could be added to the masterpiece...



Superyacht A                                                                                               

This 119-metreluxury vessel belongs to Russian billionaire Andrei Melchenko and has a staggering pricetag of US$323 million. So what makes this ship so expensive? The Superyacht A is made of steel with a teak-finish deck and boasts eight floors with an underwater observation room. The Russian tycoon previously owned a Motor Yacht A and made an upgrade this year.



Al Said

The Al Said is a 155-metre-long motor yacht and weighs almost 16,000 tonnes. The custom-built boat belongs to the Sultan of Oman, Qaabos Al Said, and can accommodate 70 guestswith 154 crew members—along witha cinema, a helipad and many other glorious facilities. And because the sultan is a big fan of classical music, the yacht also features a large orchestra concert hall with a 50-piece orchestra and can accommodate 50 musicians.


Photo Credits: Yacht Island Design, Naibuzz, Luxou, Super Yacht Fan.

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