As the world’s largest archipelago country, Indonesia is blessed with an overwhelmingly large variety of landscapes. Not only is Indonesia one of the countries with the richest biodiversity on Earth, it is also home to enormous tropical forests, island habitats, and volcanic mountains. Aside from treating yourself to beautiful panoramic views from the top of the mountain, hiking is a powerful cardio workout that has numerous benefits for your entire body. With that in mind, we would like to invite you to explore the majesty of mountainous landscapes that are accessible from Jakarta so that you will feel more in love with Indonesia by the time you come back.

Gunung Gede

Mount Gede. Photo:

Mount Gede, or Big Mountain in Sundanese, is a stratovolcano mountain located in West Java. It has two peaks called Mount Gede and Mount Pangrangro. The mountain range covers three major cities: Cianjur, Sukabumi, and Bogor. Keep in mind that Mount Gede can only be entered for a hike starting from April 1 due to a new system being implemented where you will need a permission letter to enter the mountain along with your latest medical check-up. You can reach Mount Gede from Jakarta by driving for approximately three hours through the Jagorawi highway. Otherwise, you can hop on a bus heading to Bogor and then get on another bus to take you to Puncak.

Gunung Salak

Curug Cigamea at Mount Salak. Photo: Courtesy of Indonesia Tourism

A lot of people think that the name Mount Salak derives from the palm tree fruit called salak. However, this is not true as the name Salak derives from Sanskrit and means silver. These ranges of mountain are included in the area of Sukabumi and Bogor districts in West Java. Despite being considered a low-altitude mountain, it has a pretty difficult level due to its vegetation characteristics and field. Mount Salak is also the ninth-highest mountain in West Java.

Gunung Cereme

Mount Cereme. Photo: Courtesy of Rusdy Astriana

Mount Ciremai or Cereme is a stratovolcano in West Java. It is located quite near to Jakarta, precisely in the southwest of Cirebon. It tops the list of highest mountains in the province of West Java, and the name Cereme is derived from Sundanese word for Otaheite gooseberry or Malay gooseberry. There are plenty of recreational tourist sites on the hills of Mount Ciremai. Numerous parks and cafés attract daily visitors from Cirebon. For weekend recreation after your hike, visit the historical museum of Linggajati where the Linggadjati Agreement was signed during the struggle for Indonesian Independence in 1946. To get there, you can ride on any bus service from the major cities of Jakarta, Bandung, and Surabaya.

 Gunung Papandayan

Mount Papandayan. Photo: Courtesy of Liviani Cinthyana

Hikers from West Java and Jakarta can visit this mountain on weekends as the trails are not too long and the difficulty level is suitable for beginners. Before you start hiking, buy some food supplies in Cisurupan Market to get yourself energised during the hike. However, if you don’t get the chance to stock up before your hike, don’t worry as there are also several posts in Mount Papandayan for you to relax and refuel with a cup of hot Indomie and warming ginger tea. Mount Papandayan is located in Garut Regency on the southeast side of Bandung. You can find gorgeous elfin forests and beautiful meadows with Javanese Edelweiss there to take nice Instagrammable pictures.

Gunung Cikuray

Gunung Cikuray. Photo: Courtesy of Jelajah Garut

Mount Cikuray is the highest peak in the whole of the Parahyangan and Pringan highlands of West Java. It is famous for its beautiful dormant cone and majestic views from Garut, and the temperature varies from 10 to 24 degrees Celsius. If you want to head there, go to Bandung, then drive to Garut and then to Cilawu, which will take approximately three hours. Fun fact: Due to its high point in Garut district, the foot of Mount Cikuray is used for a station transmitter for local TV channel TVRI.

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