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As we approach the holiday season, many families will be looking for their next adventure and family photo opportunity. Many will travel to Bali due to the amount of flights and low prices. Yet there are so many more options in Asia. So to help you choose here are six Asian destinations that are great for the whole family.


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The modern sights of the Petronas Tower and Skybridge are well- known distraction for kids and adults alike, but don’t forget to spend a few days in LEGOLAND. While there you can wander through Miniland Asia, with all the famous Asian landmarks represented in Lego or you can relax at the water park themed hotel and amusement rides.

 For more adventurous kids you can check out the local jungles for the famous Rafflesia flower with its distinctive aroma, or witness semi-wild orangutans on a river cruise. As well as amazing wildlife you’ll get to visit the local villages and learn about the forbidden tribal ways that include headhunting, while the kids can practice there blowpipe skills.

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If you your family’s native language is English then you should really be booking a holiday in Hong Kong. English is widely spoken by everyone so you shouldn’t find it hard to get around and the locals are very accommodating for kids and any possible fussy eating habits. When you arrive get yourself an Octopus card in order to use the MRT and any money left over will be refunded when you leave.

The obvious choice for kids would be Disneyland and the Ocean Park with the former being for younger age groups and Ocean Park being for teens. Just remember if you do go shopping to barter as it is common place in the shopping culture of Hong Kong.


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China presents a huge mix of activities and sites for the whole family. Ancient heritage and diverse culture is supported by some unique food and exotic shopping experiences. A family looking for adventure will find it in Xi’an with the ancient city being major highlight as you can go cycling with the whole family around the city walls in order to enjoy some amazing views. Bikes and tandem bikes are available to rent everywhere so you won’t have to look far and if your children are a little young for bikes then they also have electric cars, which might be a better idea during one of the hotter days.


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A popular destination among teens due to the culture and anime cosplay scene. Japan is wonderland of variety for the whole family. Clean, safe and very easy to get around it has one of the world’s most efficient transportation systems. All of which can be can be used for a lower price using a Rail Pass, especially since kids under 5 years old travel free. The bullet train is a marvel to see and a must try during your stay.

 Japan has a number of family-friendly attractions but watching a sumo wrestling tournaments, visiting a Hello Kitty park or jumping on the cat bus at the Studio Ghibli Museum might make the kids happy while also offering the parents something to enjoy. Also there is always DinesyLand Tokyo, DisneySea, Universal Studios and Space World.


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If you are looking for something a little closer to nature then try Laos. Spend a day riding around on scooter and you will find yourself taking some amazing family photos of small villages, caves and truly stunning blue lagoons. Also with some very nicely priced restaurants and bars you will have a number of tasty options to eat. Another little place to check out is Vang Vieng. Normally associated with being a party town it also offer some hidden gems and amazing food choices. The water-tubing is also fun for the whole family.


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As with Hong Kong Singapore is a popular destination for those who speak English. However, it offers so much more both with the choices of cuisine and ease of travel being perfect for traveling with children. Popular Options include water parks, Universal Studios, a famous zoo and the largest aquarium in the world.

Due to it being a very prestigious location Singapore is not cheap so be prepared, but what you get for your money is great food everywhere eat. Also you’ll get a number of activities for both you and the kids and a very clean city that is easy to travel around.

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