The nearing of the year-end brings with it images of tropical islands, snowy landscapes, majestic mountains and other breathtaking holiday destinations. With international flights being able to take you to just about any corner of the world, making a choice can sometimes be difficult.

Thankfully, there is a bevy of travel bloggers on social media who can help make the decision-making process much simpler. With beautiful photographs, detailed write-ups and even video logs, travel bloggers provide much more comprehensive information on your favourite destinations. We take a look at five of Indonesia’s most prolific travel bloggers who are sure to get you out of your seat and pumped up for some exploring.

The Naked Traveler

Back in 2005, Trinity started and became Indonesia’s first-ever travel blogger. The “nakedness” of the blog comes from Trinity’s unabashed write-ups of the destinations she has travelled to. Trinity’s blog also inspired a generation of young travellers to explore the world. Outside of travelling and writing her blog, Trinity also has plenty of experience in the media industry. She has been a TV host, magazine columnist and editor-in-chief, radio personality and a translator.

In addition to being a professional traveller, Trinity is also an acclaimed writer. Her vast experience of travelling and writing for more than a decade has produced 13 best-selling books and a movie adaptation. Her Naked Traveler series of books are filled with entertaining and thoughtful stories from Trinity’s travels around the world. One of the highlights of Trinity’s travels has to be the year-long trip around the world, taking her to 22 countries and covering a distance of more than 140,000km.

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Marischka Prudence

Trained as a news reporter and hard news journalist, traveling has long been an integral part of Marischka Prudence’s life. Her job, covering political issues and natural disasters, has taken her to various corners of the world. She has also interviewed the Vice President of Indonesia, saw first-hand the conditions of Indonesia’s slums, and even had to run from an erupting volcano. In 2011, she took over hosting duties for her office’s travel programme, drastically changing her job description and subsequently her life.

A year later, Marischka took a leap of faith, resigning from her post to travel and write the way she had always wanted to. More than four years and close to 100,000 Instagram followers on, Marischka is one of Indonesia’s most recognised travel bloggers. For beautiful pictures of wide blue skies, endless seas, magnificent mountain ranges and mesmerising underwater scenes, look no further than Marischka’s Instagram profile.

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Barry Kusuma

Barry Kusuma did his fair share of travelling as a university student, but always felt that something was missing. Travelling was not cheap, and Barry felt that it was quite a waste having spent so much, but to come home with so few memories. It was then that he decided to pick up a camera and make a career out of his hobby. Times were tough for the budding photographer as he was rejected time and again. Oftentimes his photos were well-received, but not his writing.

Barry then decided to start a blog as a platform for his writing and photographs, and today Barry is one of Indonesia’s most recognisable travel bloggers. He has appeared on numerous traditional media channels, cheerily sharing stories and tips. Thousands of viewers anticipate eagerly for the next video on his YouTube channel, and his works are sought after by travel agencies, tourism boards, and even the likes of National Geographic.

To see more of Barry’s enchanting photos and videos, check out and

Pergi Dulu

It was on a whim that Adam Poskitt decided to travel to Bandung in mid-2011 to learn Bahasa Indonesia. Little did he know it was going to be the trip that would forever change his life. It was there that he met Susan Natalia, his future wife and travel partner. The two immediately hit it off with their shared passion of travelling. The two got married in 2012, and have been travelling ever since. Their travel highlights include a 780km walk across Spain, a four-month journey across Europe, Morocco, Turkey, Georgia, Armenia and Jordan.

The two are active on social media, providing followers with regular updates. Mesmerising photographs of lush green fields, modern cityscapes and star-covered skies will keep you captivated on their Instagram profile. Recently, Adam has begun posting videos with a first-person perspective and commentary, making viewers feel like they are travelling with the couple.

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Mother truly knows best in Febrian’s case. The mother of this travel enthusiast once said in passing that she wished Febrian could one day become the host of a travel programme. Today, Febrian is a successful professional traveller—with the full support of his mother—with a strong following on his social media and blog. In addition to recapping his adventures, the blog also feature tips on traveling, style and Febrian’s musical works. His positive attitude towards traveling and life in general can clearly be seen through his carefully curated Instagram profile. Different shades of greens and blues of the skies and the seas, paired with his charming bright smile, keep his followers coming back for more.

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When it comes to Indonesian travel bloggers, one name will always pop up: Alexander Thian, or aMrazing as he is known on social media. Alexander has had quite the colourful career: he sold mobile phones at a counter in a mall, wrote scripts for a local soap opera, authored two books, and is the Chief Digital Officer of Digital Petrichor. His two books, one a fictional novel, the other a non-fiction telling of his travels, are both national bestsellers. Alexander’s storytelling prowess is not only shown through his mastery of words, but also through his photographs. Each photograph is capable of transporting viewers directly to the subject destination, each with its own unique story.

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