The Special Administrative Region of Macao brings a diverse amalgamation of centuries of history, culinary wonders, and intriguing attractions making it one of the most-sought-after destinations these days. And with all its glitz and glamour, the Cotai area of Macao is the most-visited area, boasting high-rises, myriad entertainment options for friends and family, and delicious restaurants to make the best out of your vacation. With this in mind, we have compiled six of the best places to visit while in the Cotai area of Macao.

Venetian Macao


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One of the most irresistible places in Cotai is none other than the 39-storey Venetian Macao, which provides glamorous entertainment for family and friends. With more than USD$2.4 billion in construction costs, the hotel not only provides opulent accommodation but also otherworldly entertainment. The Cotai Arena is an indoor space that can accommodate more than 15,000 people and is used for sports events and fantastic music performances. From Mariah Carey’s performance in October to Asian singer Jay Chou’s upcoming concert in December, the Venetian Macao is the hub of magical nights. Furthermore, the hotel also stages production numbers like its revered Monkey King – China Show, staged at Sands Cotai Theatre, which features not only beloved Chinese literature, but also a 5m Buddha on stage.

Parisian Macao


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Want to experience a dose of France in Macao? Don’t forget to visit Parisian Macao. The self-explanatory venue not only offers 3,000 luxury hotel rooms, but also a half-scale Eiffel Tower, marking it a grand landmark along the Cotai Strip. The replica tower not only remains faithful to its Parisian counterpart, but also incorporates Macanese steel and ornate detailing like cornice scrolls, balustrades, gusset plates, lattices, staircases, and mesh screens around the observation deck. Guests can also enjoy delightful lunches alongside the serenading gondoliers and indulge in a hearty authentic French bistro while catching a breathtaking light show.

Performance Lake Wynn Palace

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Imagine strolling through the beautiful Cotai area in the mood for a reflective, quiet night. Located at the entrance of the grand Wynn Palace, the Performance Lake is a balletic blend of fountains and music, combining some colour and fire, and is scheduled for every 15 minutes throughout the day. It contains roughly 800,000 gallons of water, 300 water nozzles, and 1,500 individually controlled coloured LED lights among seven fire jets, each of which is timed perfectly to show tunes that range from Broadway to traditional Chinese pieces. The Wynn Palace also provides another sensational attraction: the Dragon SKYCAB, which can accommodate up to six people overlooking the pristine view of the Palace along the Cotai landscape beyond.

Morpheus Hotel


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No trip to Macao is complete without indulging in hearty meals. Designed by Zara Hadid, the opulent Morpheus Hotel serves myriad dining delights at its finest restaurants. From Chinese delicacies at Yi to a multi-ethnic cuisine at Voyages by Alain Ducasse, it offers tantalising menus, such as Red Tuna Tiradito and Avocado and Tandoori Chicken Breast, among others. Not only does it have world-class dining, the Morpheus Hotel also houses a contemporary visual art gallery called Art On 23, which features multiple art installations from Charles Pétillon, Erwin Wurm, and other artists, for visitors to marvel at.

MGM Cotai

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If you’re in the mood to savour delicious menus while experiencing enthralling performances, then the MGM Cotai should be on your list. Displaying a jewel-like façade, MGM Cotai offers understated luxury that ranges from splendid accommodation and dining concepts curated by world-renowned celebrity chefs to a unique art collection of more than 300 pieces of contemporary art. However, the cherry on top should is its Spectacle: a football-field-sized arena that offers a collection of sensory digital art. Also, don’t forget its MGM Theater: Asia’s first dynamic theatre that breaks the boundaries between reality and imagination. 

Studio City

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Soar to new heights on a Ferris wheel or experience Gotham City from atop Studio City in Macao. The luxurious hotel invites the whole family to engage in fun activities. Guests can choose from riding on the world’s highest figure-8 Ferris wheel 130 metres in the air to experiencing DC Comic’s first Batman 4D flight simulation ride, “Batman Dark Flight”, which allows you to battle Gotham City’s super-villains alongside Batman. Last but not least, visitors can also explore the 32,000-square-metre Warner Bros. Fun Zone is divided into different zones of themed play areas and facilities where your kids can climb, swing, and jump with their comic book character favourites. While their parents are waiting, rows of shops, restaurants, and cinemas are available.

Macao, here we come!

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With its urban skyscrapers, delicious food, and otherworldly entertainment, the Cotai area in Macao is definitely a destination you won’t want to miss! 

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