Whether it’s your sweet 16 or big 40, we all want a birthday to remember. Everyone has different ways to celebrate their birthdays, whether small or big, whether a brunch or a pool party, we all have different ways we want to celebrate our big day. Living in Jakarta, there are many hidden spots and undiscovered locations you can use to celebrate your birthday, let’s look into them!

 Boozy Brunch: The Goods Diner

Brunch, sleep, brunch, repeat should be everyone’s mantra! Brunches are probably the best thing to look forward to during the weekends, because who doesn’t love a combination of breakfast and lunch? Even better, The Goods Diner has come up with something that may be the best news yet, Boozy Brunch! What is brunch without a little prosecco? Let’s do it the right away. Celebrate a boozy brunch at The Goods Diner every Sunday from 11:30 a.m.-4 p.m.!

 High Tea: Keraton At The Plaza

Warm scones, a cuppa coffee and mini pastries; what sounds better than a super insta-worthy high tea situation at the Keraton for your birthday party? High Tea is probably the best thing to do if you and your pals are looking for a fancy afternoon out, sipping on good coffee and indulging on mini pastries. The Keraton meets up to all your high tea expectations.

 Pool Party: The Moon at Hotel Monopoli

Take a plunge, lean back and take in as much sun as you can if you’re a pool party lover. Thankfully we have the sunny season almost every month during the year so a pool party can never go wrong. Poolside drinks, finger food and you could even do a barbecue while your at The Moon at Hotel Monopoli! How good does this pool party sound already?

 Nightlife Scenes: LEON

An unforgettable dining and drinking experience is what you and your pals will get at Leon. With a variety of events that take place regularly, or even just a normal night out, booking a table at Leon and enjoying the music will give you a good birthday night out.

 Movie Marathon: Kinosaurus

Located in Indonesia’s trendy area, Kemang, Kinosaurus is known to be a private movie theater but they provide the facility to hire the room for a few hours. This way, you can always make use of the cinema screen for a themed movie marathon with cocktails and finger food and sure have a good time with your near and dear ones.

 Private Villa: Rumah Maroko

If you’re into a moroccan themed party, then this private villa is for you. Rent this private villa for your birthday bash and get a little Middle Eastern! Bring your own DJ, band or whatever you want to and enjoy the Riyadh Pool, fountains and open air courtyard while you’re at it.

 Rooftop Party: Cloud

Sophisticated location, amazing drinks, delicious food, extraordinary ambience is what this place is all about. Cloud, has a gorgeous view of Jakarta’s skyline. Enjoy the sunset with your friends by wandering over Jakarta’s gorgeous skyline, and indulge in a few cocktails and not to forget the delicious food! This outdoor location is sure to give you the best birthday you could want.

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Banner: Photo Couresty of Rumah Maroko

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