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Being the most populated island in Indonesia can lead many to wrongly believe that Java is simply too overcrowded to hold any natural wonders. However, they’d be wrong as the island is home to many hidden natural treats. We have already shown that many natural wonders are just a short hop out of the big city, so we thought we’d find eight natural sights in the heart of central Java that the whole family can enjoy.  

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Being located on the slopes of Mount Slamet means you can enjoy family-friendly water attractions and amazing views. The refreshing climate change means that this is a great place to escape the craziness of the city and the humidity that can take over in many parts of Java. Also, you can drop in to the Nature Theatre, a converted Fokker F28 Fellowship Airplane.

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With a name coming from phrase Di Hyang, which means “Abode of the Gods”, the Dieng Plateau has a lot to live up to, and it does not disappoint. Rising up out of the central Java skyline it sits at some 2,000 metres. This, along with being far away from any major cities, means that your views are uninterrupted.

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You can’t mention nature sights in central Java and not mention Mount Merapi. Located near the beautiful city of Yogyakarta means that getting to Merapi is easy, and with it being one of the many active volcanos on the island, the surrounding land is lush with vegetation and beautiful views. Take a journey on one of the many 4x4 tours to get the full experience and story while also enjoying the chance to take some photos with some of the trained owls they have on site. 

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This natural delight of central Java has it all. Enjoy beautiful beaches with coral reefs, amazing trekking options that range in difficulty, or experience the customs and traditions of the local Karimunjava community. In 2001, the national park also became a Marine Protection Area, so when venturing in to see the local coral reefs and clear waters remember to be careful and protect the local beauty. 

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Suroloyo Peak is the highest peak of the Menoreh Mountains and allows for breathtaking views. Even the giant Borobudur can be seen as a small part of the ever-expanding horizon. However, due to the huge number of steps, this is one for a family with older children as youngsters might find it a challenge. But don’t be put off as the view, temple and local fort are all worth the journey.   

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Being an island of volcanos and mountains means Java that is filled with opportunities to see an amazing waterfall or two. So you’d make a huge mistake when travelling through central Java and not visiting the Jumog waterfall. Along with picturesque views that will have everyone gushing over your Instagram feed there is also a kiddy-friendly pool. This along, with some tasty local food options, make it a relaxing day out for the family in the heart of nature and Java.

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Goa Kreo consists of a series of caves that can be enjoyed and walked using a series of bridges. Along with amazing picture opportunities, you can meet some of the local inhabitants: just be careful with you bags as they happen to be monkeys. The journey around the site can be long if you choose to go the whole way, but the caves are a really unique feature of the local surroundings.

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Being a temple means that this one is a bit of a cheat on a list about natural sights to see in Java. However, as it is so high up, the surrounding nature and views are amazing. With clean, fresh air it is a great place to spend some time taking in everything around while also taking a lot of a pictures.

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