Every year, I travel to Italy with my husband and our four children. It’s hard to choose a favourite city, but we always have such a good time in Positano. Besides the stunning views, friends and family join us there each year. I look forward to this time it’s become a tradition and a moment to reset.

The landscape is so unique. My husband Balthazar’s parents were married there, so it has an important history for us as well. I always remember to bring a caftan from my collection, APL trainers, Charlotte
Tilbury’s Magic Cream, a bathing suit from Eres and a Patricia Underwood hat for the sun—it’s hot when we travel in late June. I also pack a good book: I picked up Patti Smith’s M Train for the next trip. We usually start our days with a long lunch, then take the boat out. There are so many small towns along the Amalfi Coast for day trips. Wherever we go, I like to learn a bit about the local artisans and artists.


During the day, we swim in the ocean or go hiking. After a hike up the hill overlooking the coast, you can visit the Birds of Prey Experience. The guide there works with local hawks, owls and vultures. You can put on gloves and hold them. It’s a cool experience for the kids and really fascinating.

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