Bored with the eating breakfast-like-a-king routines at luxury hotels? Then head over to Bali Zoo where an exciting new programme is being introduced: Breakfast with Orangutans, the first of its kind in the country.

The one-of-a-kind meal starts at 7am with a hotel pick-up heading straight to the zoo. Upon arrival, guests will be able to breathe in the fresh air and breezes of Gianyar and embrace the morning fog while listening to the chirps of birds and other animals that have just woken from their slumber.

Next, the zookeeper will take guests to traditional Sumatran Buffalo House area where they will witness up to four adorable orangutans playing in the restaurant’s playground area. Not only will guests be amused by the native Indonesian animals, but the hearty breakfast, meticulously prepared by the Bali Zoo team, will also be worth the trip.

The breakfast starts with seasonal fruits and vegetable or fruit juice followed by fresh-baked bread with butter and jam and ends with the main course selection—chosen by guests—ranging from eggs benedict and house-made granola to nasi kuning. Guests can also choose between a cup of Balinese kopi tubruk or English breakfast tea for morning drinks.

After the sumptuous breakfast, guests are also allowed to feed and have pictures taken with other animals, including elephants, gibbons and birds, before venturing onto the zoo tour. The “Breakfast with Orangutans” package runs from 7am to 12pm and is priced at Rp 471,750 for adults and Rp 361,250 for kids (inclusive of hotel return transfers, breakfast, admission fee, animal show and travel insurance).

(Photo credit: Bali Zoo)

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