Energising programme at Velaa Private Island, Maldives

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If the thought of a beautiful luxury resort island in the pristine waters of the Maldives isn’t enough to lift you both physically and mentally, the fact that Velaa Private Island now offers a comprehensive wellness programme definitely will.

Touted as a “transformational experience,” the package includes medical consultations and body analysis, followed by meal plans specifically tailored by a nutritionist for each individual, and personalised fitness regimes spanning running, HIIT, spinning and circuit training, with detailed post-stay follow-ups.

Yoga and meditation are also on the agenda, and for those looking for a little help from modern technology, Lipo HIFU, a non-surgical alternative to traditional liposuction that uses high-frequency ultrasound waves to destroy fat cells and tighten the skin, is also available. 

 Rejuvenate at Song Saa, Cambodia

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On an island as extraordinary as this—actually two islands joined by a bridge—Song Saa’s three recently launched wellness programmes add extra reasons why this resort is often fully booked. Each plan focuses on mental clarity and detachment from stress, and does so through different activities (paddle boarding, yoga, Buddhist blessings) as well as spa treatments and meditation.

An on-site specialist assesses your needs, and a bespoke schedule of rainforests facials, night baths, nutrition and massages is then put together for a five-day holistic plan. Song Saa also offers yoga workshops—last year, Hong Kong’s Flex Studio hosted a six-night yoga retreat for an exclusive group of eight. 

 Wellness retreats at Revivo, Bali

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Revivo Wellness Resort only opened in March but is already a magnet for health seekers. It offers a luxury day spa and accommodation in 16 sleek suites. But its programmes—or “mind and body boot camps”—focus on different needs, from Emotional Balance to Detox and Weight Loss, Anti-Ageing and Mother-to-be.

Running for three to 14 days, they have physical improvement and relaxation at their core. A hybrid fitness area is kitted out with a martial arts hall, yoga barn, Pilates studio and a state-of-the-art gym featuring TRX, boxing and kinesis equipment.

There are also pools, a diverse yoga schedule, qigong and meditation, and menus focus on organic, high-protein, low-carb dishes, as well as vegan and raw diets (though meat and wine feature too). 

 Holistic specialists at Amanoi, Vietnam

25143917-6950_6015_2017-09-26T03-23-46_SpaHouserelaxationsalaandpool_HighRes_14567_resized_2000x1335.jpgPhoto: Courtesy of The Amanoi

Nestled in the Nui Chua National Park and a stone’s throw from a marine reserve, it’s no surprise that the luxurious Amanoi is at the top of our list of wellness resorts. The shrine-like sanctuary took its wellness offerings to the next level last year by introducing two new spa houses and a range of personalised treatments.

But it’s Amanoi’s impressive visiting experts that piqued our interest: this year’s roster includes vipassana specialist Leonid Soboleff, holistic therapist Mariko Nakari and Taoist therapist Jesse Lee Parker, who will work in tandem with in-house specialists to provide guests with the most effective treatments and therapy options. 

Source: hk.asiatatler.com

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