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Your travel luggage is important to carry all your travel essentials. With a ray of brands and types of luggage, it can be overwhelming thus making it hard to decide which luggage to choose from. And, of course, you don’t want just any type of luggage: it needs to both be well-equipped and looks nice. Which is why we got you covered! We have curated our top five luxurious luggages with stunning designs.

Louis Vuitton louis-vuitton-keepall-bandoulière-50-monogram-canvas-travel--M43200_PM2_Front view.jpg

Photo Courtesy of Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton started as a luggage empire in 1854 in Paris. After expanding the brand with various leather and fashion goods, its luggage collection is still adored by many. Known for its iconic monogram, Louis Vuitton has come out with an entire travel collection, consisting rolling luggage, trunks, carry-ons and more. See the full travel collection here. 



Photo Courtesy of Gucci

Featuring a contemporary floral motif inspired by Chinese landscapes, this four-wheel luggage is made with Gucci’s famous GG Supreme Tian canvas material. Gucci recently released a Luggage & Lifestyle line with various kinds of travel bags such as backpacks, duffel bags, and rolling luggage. Check out its Luggage & Lifestyle line here.



Photo Courtesy of Goyard

Goyard is unlike any other brand as it offers personalization on all of their goods. All monograms are hand-painted with special paints made with natural pigments, thus presenting versatility and elegance. Customers can choose from a variety of designs and fonts coming in a wide range of shades. Therefore, each customer can make their Goyard unique and exclusive to their own. See how the personalization process works here.


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Photo Courtesy of Rimowa

Rimowa is known to be one of the most renowned luggage brands. Its luggage and multiwheel suitcases are perfect to accompany your business travels. Rimowa’s most famous luggage models are its aluminium models. With a sleek and simple appearance, its luggages have strong durability and it comes with a variety of different sizes. Check out Rimowa’s complete collections here.

TUMI 25014998_253065535225452_4855647165931847680_n.jpg

Photo Courtesy of TUMI

With a large variety of travel bags to choose from, TUMI offers carry-ons, checked luggage, duffel bags and more in quality and stylish designs. Aside from travel bags, they also have an assortment of travel accessories, such as wallets and electronic compartments. Browse through TUMI’s collection here.

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