Sometimes all you need is a private adventure with Mother Nature, and on the new Cempedak Island—located in the Riau archipelago, just off the coast of Bintan—you are able to do just that. Cempedak Island is a private island resort owned by Australian banker turned hotelier Andrew Dixon, who also owned the luxurious Nikoi Island located nearby Riau. The resort comprises 42 acres of rainforest, white-sand beaches and is home to diverse and endangered animals.

Last month, Cempedak Island resort opened its doors for visitors and we have rounded up five things you need to know before your visit. Read on.



Photo: Courtesy of Cempedak Island

The journey to reach Cempedak is approximately two-and-half hours by ferry from Singapore to Bintan Resorts and then to the jetty to Cimpedak. The journey is worthwhile once you know what you are in for. Imagine fluffy clouds, the hum of the waves coming from secluded white-sand beaches adorned with white giant boulders, sandy coves and dense rain forest.



Photo: Courtesy of Cempedak Island

Cempedak has got some serious bamboo fever going on! Each of the 20 villas (beach villas or sea villas) features bamboo architecture and designs with vernacular thatched roofs and come with their own plunge pools with either direct access to the beach or the marvellous vista of the sea.

The villas offer a master bedroom with vaulted ceilings, bamboo ceiling fans and king-sized bed along with an en suite bathroom upstairs. Guests will also notice that each room has neither air-conditioning nor television, leaving them to enjoy nature’s fresh air in their bedroom, or lounge on the open-air living room located downstairs that comes with a bar and a large sun deck.


17021968_1261581620545660_3173059122708350345_n.jpgPhoto: Courtesy of Cempedak Island

The main restaurant on the island provides a set menu that highlights regional Indonesian dishes mixed with Western flair and which are made from the freshest ingredients, such as barbequed seafood, spicy noodles or tropical fruits. For dietary restrictions, the kitchen team is happy to craft tailored menus for you—just inform them in advance.

Meanwhile, the Dodo Bar, located on the right side of the main entrance, boasts a communal table with a dramatic front-row seat for sunsets enveloped in Balinese design and elements.



                                                                      Photo: Courtesy of Cempedak Island

There’s no reason why guests shouldn’t step away from their comfy villas because there are a lot of things to do on the island. From a grass tennis court to aquatic activities such as scuba diving, snorkelling to kayaking and rock climbing—this adults-only resort have something for everyone.

Flora and Fauna


                                                                       Photo: Courtesy of Cempedak Island

Perhaps the main highlight of visiting a nature-rich island is to witness the melange of exotic and endangered animals that will make you feel closer to nature. Cempedak Island is home to much flora and fauna, including hornbills, sea otters, sea turtles, terrapins and pangolins.

The wildlife and greenery are not limited  to the land area: guests can also indulge in stunning coral reefs, sea turtles, stingrays, seahorses, octopus, sweet lips, and unusual species of starfish and puffer fish are regularly spotted nearby the Cempedak island.

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