With China becoming an undeniable power player in the world economy at lightning speed, many have journeyed to the land of the dragon in search for opportunities and investment gold. Travels to major Chinese cities have become more convenient in recent years, and Cathay Pacific now affords passengers and opportunity to travel in absolute comfort and luxury. 

The airline has added five additional flights between Jakarta and Hong Kong, with well-coordinated connecting flights to 20 major cities in China, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chengdu. The revamped business-class cabin, whose launch marks the 66th anniversary of Hong Kong's home carrier arrival on the scene, allows passengers the opportunity to travel in blissful comfort. 

In the spacious cabin, each individual seat serves as a private dwelling space where passengers are presented with a semi-enclosed space to work, dine or simply unwind. The cocoon-like havens seem to assume a different dimension, as the reality of being inside an airplane slowly dissipates, and in its place comes a sense of complete immersion in leisure and comfort. 

With the seat being a major factor in comfortable travel, the new business-class chair features an extensive recline, extended leg-rest, cradle motion and a six-way-movement headrest. Each individual space is fitted out with a universal power supply outlet to ensure seamless work and play, while the Studio CX Widescreen on-demand entertainment system with 12-inch touchscreen monitor delivers first-class entertainment in between work and rest. 

En route to China with a layover in the Hong Kong International Airport, Cathay Pciafic's Marco Polo Club membership serves as the key to enjoying Cathay Pacific's luxurious rest stops. The newest addition to the airline's lounges, The Pier, is an oasis within Hong Kong's bustling airport. Designed by London-based Studioilse, the lounge's every detail is devised to lull weary passengers into complete relaxation. The sleek, expansive space features a massage room, full-service bar, formal dining room, pantry, lounge and private suites. From the soothing lavender green tea scent to the warm golden glow permeating the lush space, The Pier is a destination within a destination and a necessary indulgence amid a long voyage.



Home of the Great Wall of China and the majestic Forbidden City, Beijing's prominence and status as a hub of trade have risen in recent years. A visit to the Chinese capital promises a peek into a world of wonders, with seven UNESCO Heritage sites housed within the walls of the illustrious city. Enhancing a charmed stay in Beijing, the Four Seasons Hotel opens the door to experiencing the  bustling capital from a unique perspective, from sampling local cuisine to immersing oneself in the city's traditions. 

The Four Seasons Hotel is imposing in its grandeur, towering over the Liangma area of Beijing's central business district. Yet, at the sweet thud of luggage dropping onto the lobby's plush carpet upon entering the hotel, guests are shrouded in a sense o inviting warmth. 

A soothing lull seems to emanate from the warm wooden décor and every feature of the hotel inspires a particular brand of tranquility. The Quiescence programme, a holistic solution to blissful sleep, is often a guest's first introduction to an inimitable stay at the Four Seasons. The calming experience begins with the guest choosing one of four custom scents to be diffused inside the room. Comforting music is then selected, followed by a bath ritual. Before bed, guests are given the option to order from a menu of delights to inspire better sleep, along with an opportunity to select a pillow tailored to each guest's ergonomic needs. 

One of the highlights of travels is sampling traditional dishes, and while many establishments offer a taste of the local cusine, only a handful delivers the culinary experience in a refreshingly contemporary fashion. A twist of traditional Chinese cuisine, Four Seasons' Cai Xi Yuan matches its sophisticated dishes with an avant-garde décor. The award-winning Italian eatery Mio offers the experience of sampling southern Italian cuisine amid the glitters of crystal chandeliers and intricately carved wall panels. 

Topping off a stay at the Four Seasons with a deliciously pampering experience, a visit to the spa followed by a stop at the tranquil Tea Garden ties a nice little bow onto the Four Seasons package, sending guests off with a lighter load and a spring on their step.