Tugu, in indonesian, means “monument”. Thus, the chain of Tugu hotels and restaurants are private and designed luxuriously as a result of one man’s love of Indonesian art and culture: Anhar Setjadibrata, a medical student-turnedlawyer and now one of Indonesia’s biggest collectors of fine art and cultural antiquities.

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The mission and vision of the Tugu brand is to bring back to life the art, soul, and romance of Indonesia once upon a time. At Hotel Tugu Bali, a fully Indonesian experience is achieved not just through the artful design and themed decor, but from various cultural experiences exclusive to guests at Tugu Bali. From the lavish feasts and banquets of kings in the 14th century Majapahit Kingdom with parades of soldiers, dancers, and offerings, to humble Javanese cultural village dinners prepared by the local ladies cooking in terracotta pots, wood fires, and eating with hands, guests can truly immerse themselves in an experience unlike any other.

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The hotel also provides guests with a selection of rooms to choose from, depending on the facilities they opt for. The Puri LeMayeur, Walter Spies Pavilion, and Dedari come with a private plunge pool, while the Kampong Suite caters to art lovers with its Art Deco atmosphere.

The Ocean View Rejang and Garden View Rejang are even more special thanks to a separate spa area and giant sunken tub. Hotel Tugu Bali offers some of the island’s most-sought-after cultural dining facilities providing guests with the option to choose from Indonesian and European fare with a wonderful array of cuisine from the archipelago and beyond presented through five different restaurants: Ni Polok Lounge, Bale Puputan, Lotus Pond, Ji At Bale Sutra 1706, and Ji Terrace By The Sea.

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For guests who wish to take in the magic of Bali by night, they are welcome to picnic in their beds and dine under the stars while indulging in a specially prepared gourmet picnic followed by to-die-for desserts. The Waroeng Djamoe Spa connects guests to the secrets of the ancient mystical east. Authentic treatments from Indonesian ancient traditions combined with aspects of spirituality and physical healing leads to the ultimate balance of body, mind and soul.

Guests who prefer a more active lifestyle can choose from a selection of activities that include cooking classes, dancing and gamelan classes, bike tours, sunset horseback riding, tennis as well as yoga, meditation, and Balinese taichi and jamu blending.

Hotel Tugu Bali truly offers the all-in-one cultural experience, facilities and activities unlike any other traditional hotel in the archipelago. It’s a must-visit.

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