On your next cruise, traverse the shores of Italy, Croatia, and Montenegro while uncovering the charm of Venice, the grandeur of Rome, and the immense beauty of the Dalmatian Coast. Or trundle down the ancient cobblestone streets of Taormina, navigate to the sparkling inlet to Kotor, and relish in the allure of cruising on a yacht to the heart of Old Town Dubrovnik. From extraordinary small ports, such as Rovinj, to classic cities like Venice and Rome, discover the Mediterranean’s most captivating and celebrated destinations in one inimitable journey.

 Rome, Italy

Rome, Italy. Photo: ThinkStock

Rome is a place where ancient and modern times converge in perfect harmony. Mixed among ancient ruins and splendid cathedrals are the trappings of a present-day metropolis: high-rise buildings, cafés, and boutiques selling designer clothes. Nevertheless, the first thing we should look for upon arriving in Rome is its impressive history.

 A good way to begin savouring the wondrous history is the Vatican, with its beautiful Sistine Chapel and St Peter’s Basilica. Artworks by masters such as Bernini, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Titian, and Raphael are just some of the masterpieces that you need to see and possibly contemplate for hours. After relishing the magnificent artworks, visit the ancient remains of the Colosseum, the Forum, the Circus, and the Circus Maximus, among many others. Lastly, stop by the Trevi Fountain for the mandatory coins promising your return to the Eternal City.

 Amalfi, Italy

Panoramic view of Amalfi, Italy. Photo: ThinkStock

The dazzling town of Amalfi lies at the mouth of a deep ravine enclosed by dramatic cliffs and seaside scenery. As part of the Amalfi Coast, it has been selected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is a significant tourist destination. The whole province is famous for its lemons and for the production of the limoncello liqueur. An additional tour can bring you around the UNESCO archaeological sites of Pompeii, Positano, and Ravello.

 Giardini Naxos, Italy

Ruins of the ancient Greek theater of Taormina. Photo: ThinkStock

Giardini Naxos is a charming village that is considered one of Sicily’s precious gems huddled in one of the world’s most stunning bays. An additional journey to the famous hillside town of Taormina will be a memorable part of your journey—from the beautiful background of the exemplary Greek Theater to the brilliantly sparkling beaches along the Ionian Sea. Get daring and explore the UNESCO site of Mount Etna, Europe’s most active volcano.

 Kotor, Montenegro

Kotor, Montenegro. Photo: ThinkStock

Kotor is considered one of Montenegro’s most fascinating bays and it offers one magnificent fjord-like sight after another. Just when you’ve satisfied your fill of blues and greens, the bright red rooftops of the antique Old Town come into view. The entire area has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The elegant streets of Old Town stay as a car-free area, brimming with 12th century Baroque palaces and Romanesque churches. For an amazing vista, hike to the fortress to gaze down upon the town.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Old city of Dubrovnik. Photo: ThinkStock

While larger ships sail by, anchor right along the legendary walled city so you can marvel at its beauty with every glimpse. Step right into the Old Town, also a UNESCO site, where no cars are allowed. Then capture the invigorating views on your camera—and record it in your memory, too. End the day at the Buza Café where you can observe audacious divers leap off the cliffs into the sparkling sea.

Split, Croatia

Split bay. Photo: ThinkStock

When you arrive along the harbour of Split, you will get the feeling that it is welcoming you with wide-open arms. The Mediterranean town has a busy harbour dotted with cafés and beyond the city, the stately Diocletian’s Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, decorates the skyline of the town. Inside the palace walls, a grand cathedral soars encircled by elegant marble streets lined with all kinds of enticing shops. If you are yearning for a quite downtime, head for the western end of town for a relaxing stroll through a blooming mountain park or opt for an additional tour to Trogir, another UNESCO site.

Rovinj, Croatia

Rovinj Old Town. Photo: ThinkStock

Rovinj, located in Croatia, used to be a small island until the aqueduct was filled in during the 18th century. While the red terracotta roofs now scatter inland, the Old Town is neatly self-contained. The Italian aura imbues this place, from street signs to language and cuisine, as a result of spending more than 500 years under the Venetian rule. Whimsical, fanciful and hypnotic, Rovinj is a cherished town.

Venice, Italy

Rialto bridge in Venice. Photo: ThinkStock

The climax of your cruise[ML1]  should be the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Venice, a ravishing city where peaceful lagoons lead to marvellous churches, arched bridges over canals, and bewitching palazzos. The whole city, starting from the celebrated Grand Canal to the striking Piazza San Marco to St Peter’s Basilica, is rumoured to be the hiding place of the Holy Grail.

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