Savvy Pet Hotel

Housing both cats and dogs alike, Savvy in Tangerang gives each animal the best care it needs with air-conditioned room, daily walks, and 24-hour security, plus daily report to owner. Moreover, the fee includes organic food and snacks served in stainless steel or human-grade ceramic containers to avoid allergic reactions.

Rumah Terraria

Only for dogs, all breeds are welcomed to board here with facilities not only covering quality food, standby vet, and spacious kennel, but also a big backyard to frolic in the cool Bogor air. Pickup and delivery, training, and grooming services are just a few enticing add-ons to choose from.

Aneka Petindo

First a holistic pet food producer, Aneka Petindo guarantees quality food and vitamin among cosy facilities for the dogs and cats housed in its five locations around Jakarta, Bekasi and Tangerang. Other services offered include pickup and delivery, grooming, breeding, flea, tick, and fungal treatments, and even service dog training. 

Meeow House

Boarding only cats in its convenient central Jakarta location, the single-occupant kennels are air-conditioned with air purifier, fan, and exhaust systems—food and toys are at the owner’s expense, however. A separate play area and on-duty vets further ensure that your beloved fur balls are happy in spite of separation. 

Pet Kingdom

As the name implies, this complex in South Tangerang has facilities from cats and dogs hotel and day-care, clinic and grooming centres, and pet shop and bakery. Certified dog training and camp sessions, pool and playground areas, plus food court for the humans, are just a few of the activities.  


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