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Photo Courtesy of Four Seasons Resort Bali

This week marked the opening of Bali’s first custom-designed cooking school, Sokasi. Located on the riverside of Ayung Terrace of the Four Seasons Resort Bali at Sayan; the cooking school’s beautiful setting also makes a great place for an intimate dinner.

Named after a woven bamboo box known as Sokasi, the cooking school offers daily workshops and exclusive Chef’s table dinners to emphasize Four Seasons’ immersive experiences. The Chef’s Table experience is available for three evenings a week. It offers a family-style dinner that features some of Ubud’s famous dishes, such as babi guling, which is  a suckling pig marinated with base genep thousand spice paste, spit-roasted for four hours. Also, don’t forget about bebek betutu:  a whole duck slow-roasted for 12 hours in a traditional under-ground clay pot oven. The resort creates such experiences for the guests to connect with Bali’s rich cultural and spiritual heart through its culinary.


Photo Courtesy of Four Seasons Resort Bali

As Wayan Sutariawan, the resort’s senior sous chef say, “In Balinese food, the magic is the spice taste.” For that reason, he shares family recipes and knowledge on local herbs, spices and aromatics to the students. Students can visit Ubud’s markets and Sokasi’s vegetable and herb gardens to progress on their hand-on-lessons at the state-of-the-art kitchen. The great thing is that these classes are personalized and intimate. Each class consists of 8 students and they can opt to learn old family recipes of Balinese cuisine or Ubud’s plant-based menu inspired by Ubud’s recent evolution as a wellness mecca for yoga and spa retreats.

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Photo Courtesy of Four Seasons Resort Bali

Everyone is welcome to join these classes, plus, even children are offered complimentary classes as a part of the resort’s Kids Club program. Sean Moresh, the resort’s manager, describes it as the brand new destination with its architecture and natural forest symphony.

Sokasi is Four Seasons Bali’s second professional cooking school, following the success of their first establishment: Jimbaran Bay Cooking Academy located at the all-villa beach retreat of Four Seasons Jimbaran Bay.

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