The latest and arguably greatest Japanese restaurant in Jakarta serves fine cuisine prepared with a strict code of culinary quality Cooking has long been seen and celebrated as an art form that reflects both creativity as well as cultural heritage. Food defines us, as we become what we eat. Therefore, a chef is both an artist, through his culinary skills, as well as a creator, through what his cuisine inspires in those who feast on it.

Renowned Chef Takahashi Hideaki has fed everyone from emperors to entrepreneurs in both his native Japan and in Indonesia, where he has lived for more than 30 years. Currently, he is the Corporate Executive Chef at SHY, The Papillion in Kemang.

In person, Chef Takahashi in person is very warm, humble and shy; his food, on the other hand, is cool, grand and confident. Serving a traditional Japanese culinary form known as Kaiseki Ryori, he transports patrons at the SHY Rooftop to be both inspired and nostalgic about fine dining. Kaiseki is basically an authentic multi-course Japanese dinner in which the terminology refers to a collection of skills and techniques that the chef has to master in order to prepare a meal that is similar in quality to Western haute cuisine.

SHY provides a detailed menu that outlines dining experiences in line with the strict guidelines of the Kaiseki tradition, also diners may consult with the chef to order off-menu in order to accommodate their specific tastes or food allergies.

“Once I view my reservations for the evening, I then envision what I would like to make for my guests. I trust my intuition to guide me every night,” Chef Takahashi says when asked how he prepares for the culinary experiences on offer at SHY. In this sense, plate is more than a plate with a meal prepared by a legend such as Chef Takahashi Hideaki.