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There can be no doubt that Tokyo is one of the most modern and high-tech cities in the world. But in the heart of Japan’s capital city, there stands a mega hotel complex that is existing harmoniously with the local environment: the Hotel New Otani Tokyo. 

Opened in 1964, Hotel New Otani Tokyo’s first big event was to accommodate the visitors of the 1964 Summer Olympics. Since then, the hotel has become one of the leading hotels in Tokyo which proudly and regularly hosts important meetings, summits and conferences, such as the G7 Summit in 1986, the Imperial Enthronement Ceremony Official Dinner in 1990 and many more.

TourD'ArgentTokyo.jpgPhoto: Courtesy of Hotel New Otani Tokyo

Located in a strategic location, Hotel New Otani Tokyo consists of three main hotels—Executive Hotel Zen, The Main and New Otani Garden Tower—as well as 38 restaurants and bars, 33 banquet rooms, shopping arcades and first-class hospitality services. In addition, it also boasts one of the best gardens in Japan, aptly called The Japanese Garden. 

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Guests will enjoy the finest hospitality experience since all the rooms in all three main hotels are ready to fill their need for relaxation and rejuvenation. For example, the Executive Hotel Zen, which is located on the 11th and 12th floor of The Main building offers 87 rooms with sophisticated Zen-inspired decoration. Guests will awaken with their own inner wisdom, nature and compassion. On the other side, The Main was reopened in 2007 with a Hybrid Hotel Project, which features new earthquake resistance and more eco-friendly facilities. 

Meanwhile, in the “New Otani Garden Tower”, guests can enjoy the breathtaking scenery of Tokyo city from the highest levels. Furthermore, the highest restaurant in the hotel offers a dining experience while enjoying the scenery of beautiful Mountain Fuji. 

Adding more excitement, Hotel New Otani Tokyo has unveiled its new Shin-Edo rooms that offer a totally new concept of Japanese hospitality to travellers with its Japanese-style decoration. 

shinedo.jpgPhoto: Courtesy of Hotel New Otani Tokyo

In addition, The Japanese Garden, which used to be owned by the Samurai lord, Kiyomasa Kato, is one of the best gardens in the world.

JapaneseGarden Daylight.jpgPhoto: Courtesy of Hotel New Otani Tokyo

Being selected as one of the 20 “Best Free Attractions in Japan” by Trip Advisor, this 400-year-old garden has many things to see, from a stone garden, ancient stone lanterns, koi ponds, scarlet bridges and a six-metre-high waterfall, this 10-acre garden is one of the best sites that anyone could ever visit.

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