The bachelorette party is such an exciting part of wedding planning. Every bride-to-be is longing for her bachelorette party which is the perfect chance for her and her girls to bond and rekindle fond memories of their friendships. The most confusing part of planning a bachelorette is definitely choosing the perfect location, because without the perfect location, nothing will go right. One go-to spot for almost every girl’s hen party is none other than Bali. We mean, Bali does sound like the ideal bachelorette spot, doesn’t it? Beaches, bars, clubs and what not. The island of Gods is waiting for you and your girl entourage, so here are some places that you can visit.

Choosing the right villa

When it comes to renting a villa in bali, you sure won’t be left disappointed. The number of villas in Bali are close to uncountable! Whether you’re feeling a small cozy villa like The Lakshmi Villas located in Seminyak or a massive palace-like villa like The Edge located in Uluwatu or if you want somewhere quieter, head to Villa at Mandapa, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve, Ubud. Villas with swimming pools, villas with jacuzzi’s, or villas that lead to the beach, as we said before, Bali has it all. All you have to do is choose the right one for you and your bride tribe.

It's all about the theme


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It is a proven fact that a bachelorette with a theme is 10x the fun! Every girl wants a bachelorette party she can remember for all her life, so a bachelorette party with a theme that the bride would be most interested in would mark this as the best trip of her life. In Bali, any theme works! Whether it’s floral, neon or monochrome; in Bali you can be anything and still have the time of your life. Whether it’s matching t-shirts, engraved flasks or even corresponding champagne bottles, a theme always makes a difference.


Beauty and the Beachbeach-clouds-dawn-635279.jpg

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The beaches you find around Bali are equivalent to heaven. Bali has clear skies, crystal clear blue water, soft sand and sunsets you never want to miss. Bali has a number of beaches and you can even spend the whole day at the beach sunbathing or just staring into the clouds with your bride tribe! If you’re looking to bay-watch, head to the Padang Padang Beach which is a little over 10 minutes from the north of Uluwatu. On the other hand, if you’re looking for some really insta-worthy pictures then the Nusa Penida beach is your go-to place. Don’t forget the sunblock.

 Dance the night away

The island of Gods is also very much known for its sensational nightlife! The bride tribe will definitely have a night to remember before the bride gets hitched. The bride sure deserves the chance to party all night and a chance to unleash her wild self before her big day, Bali is definitely your spot. Maybe start your night with a few drinks 40 Thieves in Seminyak for the good tunes and end your night at Mirrors in Seminyak. Or if you are in the mood, you can visit Finns Beach Club in Canggu, which is not far away from Seminyak. Literally, dance the night away, because some of the best clubs in Bali don’t close till the late a.m.’s.


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After a night out, the best thing the bride and her tribe would love is a chilled day at the spa. Is it safe to say that there are over a 100 spa parlours in Bali? Like, how perfect does this island sound already. Head out to the Sofitel Bali for a relaxing day at the So Spa. Or maybe unleash your inner zen at Sakanti Spa, who doesn’t want to take up the chance to re-open their senses and feel at total ease? Bali is known to be the home to some of the best massages where they take your expectations of relaxation to a whole new level.

Treat yourselfaccessories-bargain-bazaar-944031.jpg

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One thing we love doing with our girls is shopping. Indulge in a little island shopping with the cutest Bali souvenirs ranging from straw bags all the way to quirky shades and everything in between. Bali has everything from high-end boutiques such as Auguste The Label and Una & Leopold in Seminyak offering fashionable leather outfits all the way to light and easy tank tops. Or head over the street markets at Gianyar if you’re feeling a little more traditional! We’re sure you’ll definitely find whatever it is you’re looking for.


Adventure adrenalinadventure-blonde-hair-cliffside-681794.jpg

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A bachelorette is all about spontaneity and adventures. If you and your bride tribe’s feeling a little bold and wanting to try something different, Bali offers a range of activities from snorkeling at Nusa Dua’s beaches, paragliding at the Bali Paragliding club and even bungee jumping from the Bali Tower at the Kuta Area. Leave Bali with something to remember for life and indulge in one of the many activities this gorgeous island has to offer you and your girlfriends.

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