Legendary football player, David Beckham and his beautiful multi-talent wife, Victoria Beckham shows that they are madly in love with each other and has been living in joyful marriage with their four children. In conjunction with their 19th wedding anniversary, the Beckhams recently was spotted on the breathtaking Sumba Island in NTT for a posh family vacation.

Aside from enjoying the gorgeous panoramic view on the island, The Beckhams family were also seen enjoying their vacation with the lovely children from Sumba Island. They were seen interacting with the locals and playing with the adorable children. On one occasion, David was also seen teaching them how to play football and taught them English. Meanwhile, their four children: Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz, and Harper was also seen interacting and playing with the locals, especially the children.

After spending time with the Sumbanese, the Beckhams resort back to stay at the luxurious Nihi Sumba resort where they experienced various offered activities, such as horse riding, making their own chocolate from cacao and coconut palm sugar, and, of course, taking up surfing and enjoying the stunning sunset on Sumba beach.

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