From the world’s tallest building to some of its largest shopping malls, Dubai is a cosmopolitan city with many modern wonders. Now, kicking things up a notch, Austrian real estate developer Kleindienst Group is building the world’s first underwater villas called The Floating Seahorse, located more than 3 kilometres off the coast of Dubai.

The new property is part of Kleindienst’s “Heart of Europe” hotel development, which is also located on Dubai’s man-made The World archipelago, itself consisting of islands named after several European countries. The Floating Seahorse itself is located on the heart-shaped St. Petersburg Island.

With a total of 131 villas, a standard three-storey unit will feature an underwater bedroom and en-suite bathroom on the lower level completed with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking beautiful corals and the green water of the Persian Gulf. The villas will also include a freestanding tub and heated mirror.

Meanwhile, the middle decks will boast an open-plan layout living room with modern amenities, a dining room, a kitchen and another bathroom, as well as a sundeck and plunge pool with a wooden floor.

The surprises don’t stop there, though, since a glass-bottomed hot tub on the upper level will be the perfect spot from which to enjoy Dubai’s skyline—as well as its depths. In addition, the accommodation will also be equipped with the latest technology, such as high-speed Internet and an exclusive butler service and personal chef available upon request.

Although the first phase of the project is still to be completed by the end of this year, 42 villas reportedly have been sold out. Elsewhere, all 131 villas are slated to be built by 2018. For construction, Kleindienst stated that 13,000 hours have been invested in design and engineering with some 200 people working on the project. While each villa, weighing approximately 180 tonnes, will “float”, they are also expected to remain in one locality, so there is no need to worry about crashing into your island neighbour…

The Heart of Europe itself covers an area of 557,000 square metres and will be able to accommodate as many as 16,000 visitors. The luxury property will also be home to the world’s first climate-controlled environment in which artificial rain or snow can be programmed at the drop of a hat. Futuristic getaway, here we come.

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Photo Courtesy of The Heart of Europe

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