met my wife in New York in 1993 when we were both working at a small cafe in Soho, so the Big Apple is close to my heart. Since then the city has become a second home, with my in-laws living on the Upper East Side, just behind the Guggenheim Museum. We’ve spent nearly every summer here, our children visiting art galleries and museums, or climbing the rocks in Central Park, and taking trains to Coney Island or Long Island eaches for the day. 

What I love is wandering the city from north to south without a plan. It’s like meditation and serendipitous things happen—I’ll bump into an old friend, fnd a vinyl record shop I hadn’t heard of before, or stumble on a small Japanese restaurant. I try to erase my mind of any agenda or obligations so I can explore in a pure and untainted way.

I’ll select one destination and as I head towards it, I stop at a deli for salmon, cream cheese and a toasted bagel. That’s my breakfast routine; I repeat it every day until I leave. Then I head to a museum or gallery to see something I’m curious about. One of my favourite museums is MoMA PS1 in Long Island City. The former elementary school has installations on every foor and a great courtyard. In the late afternoon I like to fnd a park or take a long walk on the waterfront. There’s nothing like a sunset walk in Battery Park.

The Friday Arts and Leisure section of the New York Times always has a good list of must-see exhibitions. Sometimes I ft in fve or six galleries a day and a couple of museums. I’m a culture junkie and these are great spots not only to see art, but to buy books, meet friends and escape a downpour or a muggy summer day.

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(Photo credit: Paolo Terzi)

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